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what's wrong with palpitation? How to treat mitral regurgitation?

Problem description: What is going on with palpitation? How to treat mitral regurgitation? Supplementary explanation: What is the cause of palpitation and palpitations? How to treat mitral regurgitation?

Answer: Mitral valve insufficiency is usually treated conservatively.

Answer: Usually, the whole body can organize some diuretic and dilated drugs.

Answer: You can also take medicines for strengthening the heart, such as Digoxin. But these treatments can only improve your heart function and Slow down your symptoms.

Answer: Your mitral valve insufficiency has not received useful treatment on its own.

Answer: Over time, the

level and appearance of your mitral valve will probably increase. If you are up and down other organ can

answer: normal lung function and kidney

answer: premise allows

answer: you want to pursue a better therapeutic effect

answer: I suggest you to pedestrians valve replacement surgery

answer: simply

answer: is to give you for a man Mitral valve

answer: This will have obvious consequences.

Answer: But the price is more expensive.

Answer: And there is a certain hazard.

Answer: You have to go to the outpatient department of a large hospital to do it. If you don’t want to have surgery.

Answer: Usually, it can only be improved by body tissue medicine. Heart function and alleviation of illness, I hope my reply will be helpful to you.

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