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what to do with low progesterone?

Description of the problem: What should I do if progesterone is low? Supplementary Instructions: What should I do if progesterone is low?

Answer: The symptoms of low progesterone can generally be relieved by supplementing progesterone, adjusting the diet structure or exercising appropriately. Low progesterone is generally a phenomenon of low progesterone levels when checking the six sex hormones. If the value is low, it is usually accompanied by the phenomenon of luteal insufficiency, which generally manifests as menstrual disorders, repeated miscarriage or infertility. It is recommended that patients prevent staying up late and increase the amount of aerobic exercise, thereby improving their own immunity, and at the same time, it is also conducive to the secretion of hormone levels in the human body.

Answer: Hello, according to your description, the situation you consulted is pregnant, and the progesterone is low, which is easy to cause miscarriage. You need to rest in bed, reduce activities, and supplement progesterone in time. Pregnancy treatment is required under the guidance of a doctor. It is suggested that in the first trimester, it is necessary to do a good job of health care, diet, and reasonable nutrition, pay attention to rest, reduce activities, and prohibit intercourse to avoid miscarriage.

Answer: We need to look at each hormone and see the ratio between each hormone. If it is really only low progesterone as you said, the traditional treatment for low progesterone is to supplement progesterone. Pregnancy with low progesterone can lead to miscarriage. You should eat more foods high in phytoestrogens in your daily life. Such as beans, cereals, black rice, fruits, sunflower seeds, vegetables, etc.


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