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what to eat for cancer around the ampulla

what to eat for cancer around the ampulla

The diet of periampullary cancer should be avoided

Appropriate diet: 1 should eat food that relieves aundice; 2 should eat anti-cancer food; 3 should eat food that improves immunity.

Recommended foods and reasons for eating
Wild rice earlier periampullary cancer patients appeared yellowish discoloration of skin, sclera jaundice symptoms, edible wild rice has a certain retreat jaundice role has a certain role of adjuvant therapy periampullary. 200-300 grams per day is appropriate.
The viscous substance polysaccharides in aloe vera can improve immunity and inhibit and destroy the growth of abnormal cells, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-cancer. 180-260 grams per day is appropriate.
Milk Milk is a nutrient rich in high-quality protein and various trace elements necessary for the human body. It can promote the absorption of intestinal nutrition, protect the gastric mucosa, enhance immunity, and enhance disease resistance. 350-500 ml per day is appropriate. Hot drinks are better
Diet taboos: 1. Avoid eating carcinogenic substances; 2. Avoid eating spicy food; 3. Avoid eating greasy food.
Food avoidance reasons why avoid eating recommendations
Cinnamon Cinnamon contains safrole which can cause cancer. Patients suffering from periampullary carcinoma may increase the division of cancer cells after consumption, which may accelerate the progression of the disease. It is advisable to eat anti-cancer foods.
Chili pepper is relatively irritating, easily irritating the gastrointestinal mucosa, leading to aggravation of gastrointestinal mucosal congestion and edema, leading to malabsorption of nutrients, resulting in a decline in the body's immunity, and it is not conducive to the recovery of the body. It is advisable to eat light and easily absorbed foods.
Small pepper fat is rich in oily foods. The digestion of fat requires the hepatic and gallbladder cells to secrete bile to emulsify in order to absorb it, which increases the burden on liver cells and easily aggravates the symptoms of jaundice, which is not conducive to the recovery of patients.
It is advisable to eat low-fat foods.Dietary principles for periampullary cancer

Abdominal Oncology Diet

1. Diet therapy for periampullary cancer

1) Gardenia Seed and Wolfberry Porridge

Ingredients: 5-10 grams of gardenia kernels, 6 grams of fresh lotus root (or 10-15 sections of lotus root), 30 grams of Imperata cylindrica root, 40 grams of wolfberry, and 130 grams of japonica rice.

Production method: Put the gardenia kernels, lotus root joints, Imperata cylindrica roots, and medlar into a gauze bag and tie tightly, add water to boil and decoct the concoction. Put the japonica rice in the pot, add the concoction, water, boil, and simmer into a gruel. You can add honey to taste.

Efficacy: clearing away heat and removing dampness, cooling blood to stop bleeding, eliminating irritability and quenching thirst.

Indications: For patients with ampullary cancer, fullness of the flank, abdominal pain, a lump in the abdomen, poor appetite, poor complexion, fatigue, low-grade fever, bleeding, bleeding.

2) Shepherd's Purse Tofu Soup

Ingredients: 120 grams of Sedum herb, 180 grams of Shepherd's purse, 200 grams of tofu, 28 grams of net asparagus, 750 grams of soybean sprout soup, appropriate amount of seasoning.

Production method: cut into sections, put in a gauze bag, add appropriate amount of water, decoct the concoction, and save for use. Heat the wok, add soybean sprouts juice, concoction, tofu cubes, asparagus slices and salt, bring to a boil, put in shepherd's purse, bring to a boil, add monosodium glutamate and cooked peanut oil, and leave the pot.

Efficacy: clearing away heat and spleen, reducing swelling and detoxification.

Indications: For patients with ampullary cancer, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and abdominal masses.

3) Pork Pancreas Kelp Soup

Ingredients: 1 pork pancreas (about 100 grams), 30 grams of mussels, 20 grams of kelp, 15 grams of swollen wind, 3 grams of ginger juice, appropriate seasoning.

Production method: cut the swollen knot into sections, put it into a gauze bag, add water to decoct the concoction. Wash the pig pancreas and let it boil in boiling water. Remove the hair from the mussels, soak the kelp in warm water and wash it off. Heat the pot with peanut oil, stir-fry pork pancreas slices, add ginger juice, add chicken broth, concoction, mussels, kelp, cooking wine, salt, soy sauce, bring to a boil, cook over low heat, and season with MSG.

Efficacy: Replenishing deficiency and benefiting the spleen, clearing away heat and detoxification, softening and relieving masses.

Indications: For patients with ampullary carcinoma, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, fever, weight loss, and intra-abdominal lumps.

4) Tortoise plate black date pill

A few pieces of tortoise plate, black jujube meat appropriate amount. The tortoise shell is ground into the powder, the black jujube meat is mashed, and the two are mixed to make a pill. Serve. Once a day, 10 grams each time, with boiled water, it can nourish yin and benefit the stomach.

5) Gourd Powder

120 grams of gourd, appropriate amount of refined salt. After soaking the gourd in salt water, stir-fry and grind the powder and serve. Once a day, 10 grams each time, can be taken with warm water. It has analgesic and dispelling effects.


Chen pumpkin pedicles are moderate. Take the mature pumpkin and dry it in the shade, take the stalk, burn it with charcoal fire, immediately cover it with a magnetic bowl to prevent it from forming, 15 minutes later, grind it into fine powder and serve. Take 2 pumpkin stalks a day with warm water in the morning to invigorate the spleen and detoxify, promote blood circulation and disperse stasis.

2. What foods are good for the body for cancer around the ampulla?

Mainly carbohydrates, the amount of fat and protein should be appropriate, and digestible proteins should be eaten, such as lean meat, eggs and fish, and reasonable cooking methods should be used, such as boiling, stewing, boiling, steaming, steaming, and other methods.

(The above information is for reference only, please consult your doctor for details)


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