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vaginitis diet, dietotherapy, what does vaginitis eat good

vaginitis diet, dietotherapy, what does vaginitis eat good

Vaginitis diet should be avoided

Appropriate diet: 1. Eat high protein and nutritious foods 2. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals 3. Eat high calorie and digestible foods

Appropriate foodReasons for eatingFood advice
EggIt is a food rich in protein, which is of great benefit to the body and can supplement high-quality protein. It is a nutritious food with low price and good qualityOne or two a day can be cooked or fried with other vegetables, and you can also cook soup
FruitRich in vitamins, it is favored by everyone, rich in zinc and selenium, and can be called the most popular fruitEat daily, preferably between meals. It is best not to peel, but to wash
Essential meatRich in high-quality protein and essential vitamins, it belongs to high-calorie foodEat it every day, stir-fry or cook it, and avoid eating too much
Dietary taboos: 1. Avoid eating greasy and indigestible foods 2. Avoid eating fried, smoked, barbecued, cold and stimulating foods 3. Avoid eating high-salt and high-fat foods
Avoid eating foodReasons for avoiding eatingAvoid eating advice
Pickled vegetablesIt belongs to high-salt food and should not be eaten too much, which is very harmful to the bodyIt is recommended to consume less than 4 grams of salt per person per day, especially for other serious diseases
Sesame pepperIt is a particularly greasy food, which is fat and sweet, and it is useless to eat more, which increases the burden on the gastrointestinal tractTake as little as possible
Big fat meatIt belongs to special greasy food, and the oil processed with this kind of food belongs to poor quality oil, which is extremely harmful to human bodyIt is recommended to eat less properly
Dietary principles of vaginitis

Diet health care for vaginitis

(a) Vaginitis diet prescription (for reference only)

1. Shuangyi Decoction

Production: Decoct 8 grams of cuttlebone, cuttlebone, Guanshayuan, antler cream, Rosa laevigata and 10 grams of Atractylodes macrocephala Koidz in water and take them once.

Note: Warming kidney and invigorating spleen, consolidating essence and stopping leukorrhagia, mainly treating bacterial vaginitis, syndrome of kidney deficiency, symptoms such as increased leukorrhagia, clear thinness and transparency, accompanied by soreness of waist and knees, dizziness and tinnitus, thin stool, etc.

2. Ginkgo Black Chicken Soup

Production: Slaughter one black-bone chicken (about 500 grams) alive, remove hair, viscera and wash it; 30 grams of lotus seed meat, 15 grams of glutinous rice and a little pepper. Put 10 pieces of ginkgo, lotus seed meat, glutinous rice and pepper into the abdominal cavity of chicken, seal them, put them in a stewing pot and cover them, stew them with slow fire for 2-3 hours until the chicken is ripe and rotten, and season them for use (it can be eaten 2-3 times, drinking soup, eating meat and ginkgo, etc.).

3. Purslane drink

Production: Wash 50g of fresh purslane, soak it in cold boiled water again, cut it into small pieces, stir it in a blender, extract fresh juice, add 25ml of honey, mix well, stew it in water, and drink it twice.

Note: Clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting diuresis and stopping leukorrhagia, mainly treating bacterial vaginitis, with syndrome of damp-heat or excessive heat toxin. Portulaca oleracea, also known as melon seeds, is sour and cold in nature and taste, and has the functions of clearing away heat and toxic materials, eliminating dampness and stopping leucorrhea. It has certain inhibitory effect on Shigella, Sonnei Bacillus, Stellaria bacillus, Typhoid Bacillus, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Portulaca oleracea has therapeutic effect on leucorrhea caused by reproductive tract inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory ability. Pregnant women are forbidden.

4. Garlic carp

Material production: 1 carp is viscerated, washed, 50 grams of garlic is put, and cooked together.

Note: "Ancient prescription is used today", 30 grams of garlic can be used to decoct and wash the affected part. In addition, "Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine" records that 50% garlic glycerin gelatin is stuffed into vagina once a day for 7 days, which is effective.

5. Onion pig kidney

Ingredients: 50g onion and 1 pig kidney

Production: Onions are mashed into mud, and pig kidneys are often processed and cooked together. In addition, you can fry onion puree and wash some parts.

6. Walnut bean curd

10 walnut kernels, peeled and pointed. 2 pieces of tofu, decocted with walnut kernel.

7. Qinpi Wumei Decoction

Ingredients: Cortex Fraxini 12g, Fructus Mume 30g

Production: Add proper amount of water to decoct the above two flavors, remove residue and get juice, and add proper amount of white sugar when taking them.

Eating: Take it twice a day on an empty stomach in the morning and evening, one dose a day for 5 days.

Note: Clearing heat, promoting diuresis and killing insects, mainly treating trichomonal vaginitis, with yellow odor and yin itching.

8. Cockscomb Egg Soup

Ingredients: 30 grams of cockscomb and 2 eggs.

Production: Wash cockscomb flowers; Cook 2 eggs and remove shells. Put all the ingredients into the pot, add some water, boil with strong fire, cook with slow fire for about 1 hour, and season for use.

Note: Removing dampness and stopping leukorrhagia is mainly used for treating trichomonal vaginitis with excessive dampness and turbidity. The symptoms include tiredness and fatigue, increased leukorrhagia, white color and fishy smell, thin quality like water, or unfavorable urination and pruritus vulvae.

9. Baibu Wumei Decoction

Ingredients: Stemona 15g, dark plum 30g, and proper amount of white sugar

Production: Add proper amount of clear water to decoct Stemona root and dark plum, remove residue and take juice after decoction, and add proper amount of white sugar to boil.

Eat: Take it while it is hot, take it 2-3 times, one dose a day, and use it for 3-5 days.

Note: Clearing heat, promoting diuresis and killing insects, mainly treating trichomonal vaginitis of damp-heat type, with yellow and thick belt, peculiar smell and obvious yin itching.

10. Huaishan swim bladder lean meat soup

Cooking: 30 grams of yam is washed; 250 grams of lean pork is washed and cut into pieces; Soak 15 grams of swim bladder in water, wash and shred. Put all the ingredients into the pot, add some water, boil with strong fire, cook with slow fire for 2 hours, and season for use.

Note: Nourishing yin and tonifying kidney, astringent essence and stopping leukorrhagia, mainly treating senile vaginaInflammation syndrome belongs to yin deficiency of liver and kidney, with soreness of waist and soft feet, dizziness and tinnitus, endless leukorrhagia, thick and sticky silk, five vexations and heat, hot flashes and night sweats, and is also suitable for postpartum blood deficiency and dizziness.

11. Verbena pork belly soup

Methods: 30 grams of verbena was washed and cut into small pieces; Pig belly 60-100g slices. Boil the water, pour pork belly and verbena to boil. Remove slag and take juice once a day.

Note: Detoxifying and killing insects, clearing away heat and promoting diuresis, mainly treating various types of candidal vaginitis. But pregnant women and those with weak spleen and stomach should use it with caution.

12. Mussel Euryale Seed Cuttlefish Soup

Production: 100 grams of mussel and 50 grams of cuttlefish (dried products) are soaked in clear water, washed, and cut into 3-4 sections with their inner shells; Wash 20 grams of Gordon Euryale seed; Wash 100 grams of lean pork. Put all the ingredients together in a casserole, add some water, boil with strong fire, cook with slow fire for 2 hours, season, and drink at will.

Note: Nourishing yin and clearing heat, Convergence stop band, It is mainly used for treating candidal vaginitis, Syndrome belongs to kidney yin deficiency or yin deficiency with heat, which is characterized by a large amount of leukorrhagia, slightly yellow color and thin quality, or yellow and red color, thick and mushy quality, or accompanied by hot vaginal feeling, even hot pain, boredom, restless sleep, dry mouth and dry stool, etc. It is also suitable for leukorrhagia of menopausal or postmenopausal women with yin deficiency or internal heat after yin deficiency constitution or fever, menopausal or postmenopausal women.

13. Sophora Flavescens Hundred Garlic Soup

Production: Sophora flavescens, Stemona root each 15g, garlic 10 cloves, add water and decoct together, remove residue and get juice, add white sugar and take it twice a day for 3-7 days/course of treatment.

Remarks: Dehumidification, detoxification and insecticidal, mainly treating candidal vaginitis, which belongs to damp-heat accumulation.

14. Sophora Flavescens Guanzhong Drink

Production: Decoct 15g of Sophora Flavescens and 15g of Guanzhong with water, remove dregs and get juice, add proper amount of white sugar twice a day, and take 5-10 in each course of treatment.

Remarks: Detoxification, diuresis, insecticidal and antipruritic, mainly treating candidal vaginitis, which belongs to damp-heat accumulation.

15. Purslane Ginkgo Egg Soup

Production: Break 3 eggs to get egg white, mix 60g of fresh purslane and 7 ginkgo nuts, mix them evenly with egg white, take them with just boiled water, take them on an empty stomach, 1 dose per day, and take them for 4-5 days/course of treatment.

Note: Clearing away heat and dampness, stopping leucorrhea, mainly treating bacterial vaginitis, with symptoms such as damp-heat downward flow, yellow leucorrhea and yellow urine.

16. Kapok porridge

Production: Add 30 grams of kapok with proper amount of water, boil to remove slag and get juice, add 500 grams of rice to cook porridge, and take porridge once a day for 7 days in each course of treatment.

Note: Clearing heat and promoting diuresis, mainly treating bacterial vaginitis, with leucorrhea and yellow odor.

17. Winter melon and white fruit drink

Production: 30 grams of wax gourd seeds and 10 ginkgo fruits are washed, and then the wax gourd seeds and ginkgo fruits are boiled in a pot together with 1.5 cups of water, and are well cooked for consumption. Drink tea frequently and should not be taken for a long time.

Note: Clearing heat, promoting diuresis and stopping leukorrhagia, mainly treating bacterial vaginitis, with leucorrhea and yellow odor.

18. Ginkgo Eggs

Production: 1 ginkgo kernel is ground into powder, 1 egg is punched with a small hole, the ginkgo kernel is put into the egg, sealed with wet hemp paper, steamed, and shelled. Take one at a time, on an empty stomach in the morning and evening for one week.

Note: Strengthening body resistance and invigorating qi, astringent essence and stopping leukorrhagia are mainly used for treating leukorrhagia due to unstable chong and Ren, and chronic leukorrhagia due to deficiency of essence.

19. Cistanche deserticola drink

Production: 20g of Cistanche deserticola, decocted in water, and taken once every morning and evening.

Note: Warming yang and tonifying kidney, mainly treating leucorrhea due to kidney deficiency, can be seen in early marriage or excessive childbirth, which damages kidney qi. Symptoms include clear and thin leucorrhea, continuous dripping and broken back pain.

20. Jin Juye Eggs

Production: Wash 60 grams of golden chrysanthemum leaves, chop them up, stir well with 2 broken eggs, stir-fry them in a pan (without salt and oil), add water to boil in half a bowl when cooked, and take them at a time.

Note: Soothing liver and relieving depression, strengthening body resistance and cultivating middle warmer, mainly treating leukorrhagia caused by liver depression and spleen injury.

21. Stewed Rock Sugar with Rosa laevigata

Production: Wash 30g of Rosa laevigata, put it into a stew pot, add 15g of rock sugar, boil water, cover the stew pot, stew for 1 hour with slow fire and water, and drink it at will.

Note: Tonifying kidney and consolidating essence, stopping astringency and stopping leukorrhagia, mainly treating bacterial vaginitis, the syndrome belongs to kidney qi deficiency and losing fixation, and the symptoms include large amount of leukorrhagia, transparent color and thin quality, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia and many dreams, etc. It is most suitable for people with weak constitution, long illness and kidney, or old kidney qi deficiency and decline.

What is good for vaginitis patients to eat?

1, diet should be light, should eat coix seed porridge, mung bean soup, etc., so as not to brew damp heat or consume yin blood.

2. It is advisable to eat foods with the functions of invigorating spleen and eliminating dampness, such as yam, lentils, lotus seeds, ginkgo, coix seed, broad beans, mung beans, black fungus, cowpea, walnut kernel, mussel, celery, turtle meat, pork belly, black-bone chicken, Gordon Euryale seed, etc.

3. It is advisable to eat yogurt rich in active Lactobacillus acidophilus, which can promote the reproduction and growth of beneficial bacteria in the body and inhibit the survival of harmful bacteria.

What should vaginitis patients not eat?

1. Avoid spicy, fried and hot foods, such as pepper, pepper, fennel, pepper, star anise, onion, fried dough sticks, roast mutton, fried melon seeds and fried peanuts.

2. Be careful to eat foods rich in monosaccharides or yeast, such as sucrose, molasses, beets, peanuts, cheese, raisins, potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes and other foods with high sugar content.

3. Avoid seafood hair products, such as shrimp, hairtail, crab, eel, razor clam, oyster, abalone, etc., which can aggravate pudendal itching and is not conducive to inflammation subsiding.

4. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Tobacco, wine and alcoholic foods such as fermented dumplings, ginseng wine, velvet antler wine, etc., will aggravate inflammation and congestion after eating, which is not conducive to the treatment of this disease, so avoid eating.


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