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  4. uterine contraction is too strong diet, dietotherapy, uterine contraction is too strong to eat what is good

uterine contraction is too strong diet, dietotherapy, uterine contraction is too strong to eat what is good

uterine contraction is too strong diet, dietotherapy, uterine contraction is too strong to eat what is good

Eating with excessive uterine contraction should be avoided

Appropriate diet: 1. Eat foods rich in vitamins and trace elements. 2. Eat soft and semi-liquid foods
Appropriate foodReasons for eatingFood advice
Auricularia auriculaThe iron content in Auricularia auricula is extremely rich, so eating Auricularia auricula often can nourish blood; In addition, Auricularia contains vitamin K, which can reduce blood clots and prevent thrombosisSuitable for postoperative patients, 2-3 times a week
Grass carpGrass carp has the functions of warming stomach, harmonizing the middle and lowering liver yang, and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is beneficial to blood circulation, promotes metabolism, stimulates appetite and nourishes. After operation, patients are weak, so eating grass carp is helpful to recuperate their bodiesIt can be eaten by the general population. If there are patients with arteriosclerosis, eat less
Straw mushroomVolvariella volvacea has high vitamin C content, which can promote human metabolism and improve immunity; It is used for weak spleen and stomach qi, low resistance, or slow wound recovery after operation2-3 times a week, regular consumption can promote the recovery of surgical wounds
Dietary taboos: 1. Avoid eating sea fishy hair 2. Avoid eating spicy and stimulating food 3. Avoid eating greasy food
Avoid eating foodReasons for avoiding eatingAvoid eating advice
Cinnamon barkCinnamon tastes sweet and hot, and has the effect of warming the middle warmer and dispelling cold. After operation, patients have local inflammation because of the failure of operation incision, so eating cinnamon is not conducive to the regression of inflammationCinnamon decoction should not be used during treatment
Pickled vegetablesGinger has strong irritation and can stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, which is not suitable for surgical patients to recuperate their bodiesTaboo consumption
Mung beanMung bean is cool, and the patients after operation are weak in constitution and blood gas. Eating cold food can easily lead to decreased immunityEat less during treatment
Diet principle of excessive uterine contraction

Eat more zinc-containing foods. Zinc is an indispensable trace element in human body. Many enzymes in human body must be involved in zinc to play their role. Zinc is very important to regulate immune function. In addition, it has another function, that is, anti-infection. Studies have confirmed that taking 50 ~ 100 mg of zinc every day can prevent influenza. Seafood, lean meat, coarse grains and legumes are rich in zinc. Eat more foods or vitamin C tablets rich in vitamin C. Foods with high vitamin C content include green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cauliflower, green peppers, citrus, strawberries, kiwifruit, watermelons, grapes and so on.


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