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  4. ultrasonic examination of uterus; Ultrasonic diagnosis of uterus

ultrasonic examination of uterus; Ultrasonic diagnosis of uterus

ultrasonic examination of uterus; Ultrasonic diagnosis of uterus

Common Examination of Hypercontraction of Uterus

Check nameInspection siteInspection departmentCheck function
Cervical examinationUterusGynecologyCervical examination is right...
Breast examinationBreastDepartment of Gynecological Health CareBreast examination is to check...
Examination of uterus and appendagesFemale reproductionDepartment of Gynecological Health CareUterine and adnexal examination...
Routine vaginal gynecological examinationVaginaDepartment of Gynecological Health CareVaginal gynecology routine...
Routine gynecological examination of vulvaVulva--Gynecology of vulva often...
First, check

Perform routine obstetrics and gynecology examination:

1. External vaginal examination

You can find whether there is ulcer, dermatitis, neoplasm and hypopigmentation in perineum, and observe whether there is vaginal anterior and posterior wall bulging, uterine prolapse or urinary incontinence.

2. Vaginal examination: Vaginal examination can touch the narrow ring of hard and elastic parts.

Observe the color of vaginal wall mucosa, whether there are ulcers, neoplasm, cysts, vaginal septum and congenital malformations such as double vagina. There is no fishy smell in vaginal secretions, and the amount is how much. At the same time, the secretions will be taken for routine tests.

3. Cervical examination

Observe whether the cervix has erosion (according to the area of erosion surface), grading (light, medium and heavy), the degree of cervical hypertrophy, and the size and position of neoplasm. And do routine examination of cervical anti-cancer smear.

4. Examination of uterus and appendages

Normal fallopian tubes cannot be touched. Examiners generally describe abnormal enlargement of uterus against the size of pregnant uterus. If an adnexal mass is palpable, describe the size of the mass in centimeters.

Step 5 Breast exams

Breast examination should first observe the development of breast, whether the breasts on both sides are symmetrical, whether the sizes are similar, whether the nipples on both sides are at the same level, and whether the nipples have retraction depressions; Whether there is erosion in nipple and areola, how is the color of breast skin, whether there is edema and orange peel-like change, whether there are inflammatory manifestations such as redness and swelling, and whether the superficial veins in breast area are angry and open. To understand whether there is a breast mass and the nature of the mass, and whether the regional lymph nodes are enlarged.


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