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  4. treatment of splenic aneurysm, what to do with splenic aneurysm, medication for splenic aneurysm

treatment of splenic aneurysm, what to do with splenic aneurysm, medication for splenic aneurysm

treatment of splenic aneurysm, what to do with splenic aneurysm, medication for splenic aneurysm

Knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of splenic aneurysm

Treatment department: Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery Oncology Treatment cost: about 50,000-80,000 in the city's top three hospitals Cure rate: Treatment cycle: Treatment method: Surgical treatment, drug treatment General treatment of splenic aneurysm

One, treatment

The most ideal treatment for splenic aneurysms is to perform surgical resection before the aneurysm is ruptured, so there are symptoms and signs. Pregnant women suffering from the disease or women about to become pregnant, the tumor has ruptured, etc. are absolute indications for surgical treatment. If the diameter of the tumor is ≥3cm, since the risk of rupture is high, surgery should be actively treated even if there are no symptoms. Some asymptomatic splenic aneurysms with a diameter of <3cm and a small spleen can be closely followed up for observation. If there is a tendency to increase, they should be removed decisively. For splenic aneurysms accidentally discovered during open surgery, if the condition permits, they should also Strive to be removed together. Splenic aneurysms caused by lesions of adjacent organs, trauma, infection, etc., should also be surgically removed as soon as possible.

The surgical procedure of splenic aneurysm depends on the location of the aneurysm. For example, the tumor is far away from the splenic hilum, and at the beginning of the splenic artery, simple proximal and distal artery ligation or aneurysm resection or splenic artery reconstruction can be performed. Keep the spleen. If the tumor is close to the hilum of the spleen, splenic aneurysm and splenectomy are performed. If the aneurysm is located in the middle and distal part of the splenic artery and is closely related to the pancreas and splenic vein, the proximal and distal arteries of the aneurysm can be simply bypassed to block the blood supply, and the aneurysm does not need to be forcibly removed. If the tumor is closely adhered to the body and tail of the pancreas, it is also difficult to ligate the proximal and distal arteries. Forcible separation is likely to cause hemorrhage. Consider a joint resection of the aneurysm together with the body and tail of the pancreas and the spleen. If there is an internal fistula between the splenic aneurysm and the portal vein, it should be incised after blocking the blood supply of the tumor. After the fistula is repaired, the tumor should be removed. Portal hypertension is accompanied by splenic aneurysm. In addition to treating the aneurysm, it is necessary to treat the complications of portal hypertension, such as portal azygos devascularization and splenorenal shunt.

2. Prognosis

Celiac artery catheterization of splenic aneurysm embolization is an alternative non-surgical treatment method. There is not much experience at present, and its efficacy needs to be further observed.


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