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treatment of rhinitis, rhinitis how to do, rhinitis medication

treatment of rhinitis, rhinitis how to do, rhinitis medication

Knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of rhinitis

Visiting department: otolaryngology treatment cost: about (1000-3000 yuan) in the top three hospitals in the city. Cure rate: treatment cycle: treatment method: drug treatmentGeneral treatment of rhinitis

Western medicine treatment of rhinitis

The main symptom of rhinitis is nasal congestion, so nasal mucosal membrane contractile agents, such as nasal drops and other drugs, should be used to treat rhinitis, and the number of doses per day should be based on maintaining ventilation. If ventilation cannot be maintained after medication, surgical treatment, such as turbinectomy, is required.

In the treatment of rhinitis, drug treatment can only temporarily relieve symptoms and signs, but it has little effect on fundamentally solving the disease. Furthermore, taking antibiotics frequently makes bacteria mutate and produce drug resistance. At present, the most advanced medical treatment of rhinitis is minimally invasive technology, which has gradually become a new choice for the treatment of nasal diseases because of its thorough treatment, minimally invasive painless, high safety and reliability.

Treatment of rhinitis based on syndrome differentiation

TCM treatment of rhinitis

Treatment of rhinitis with traditional Chinese medicine: Bizhengqing is commonly used, and the formula of Chinese herbal medicine: Xanthium sibiricum 30g, Bupleurum chinense 20g, Mint 35g, Vitex negundo 40g, Chuanxiong 30g, Fructus Aurantii 25g, Dragon Bone Powder 10g, manual process, careful drug selection, drying, grinding and oral administration three times a day, which not only has effect on allergic rhinitis, but also has good effect on other rhinitis.


guidelines for Rhinitis-Rhinitis


how to diagnose and differentiate rhinitis-rhinitis is easy to confuse diseases

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