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  4. the treatment method of Meniere's syndrome, how to do with Meniere's syndrome, and medication for Meniere's syndrome

the treatment method of Meniere's syndrome, how to do with Meniere's syndrome, and medication for Meniere's syndrome

the treatment method of Meniere's syndrome, how to do with Meniere's syndrome, and medication for Meniere's syndrome

Knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of Meniere's syndrome

Visiting department: otolaryngology treatment cost: about (5000-8000 yuan) in the top three hospitals in the city. Cure rate: treatment cycle: treatment method: drug treatmentGeneral treatment of Meniere's syndrome

Because there are different arguments about its etiology, there are many clinical treatments. Meniere's syndrome can be treated with medicine or surgery. Sometimes it can disappear without treatment, but it can also seriously affect the patient's life and require surgery to destroy the inner ear structure

1. General treatment

During the attack, you should lie still, quit impatience, enter a light and low-salt diet, limit the amount of water, and avoid using cigarettes, wine and tea. During the intermission period, patients should be encouraged to exercise and strengthen their physique, and pay attention to proper scheduling of work and rest.

2. Drug treatment

1: Stay quiet and lie still

2: Symptomatic treatment, using sedatives: such as diazepam and oryzanol; Cooperate with the non-root.

3. Choose vasodilators as appropriate: sibelium, anisodamine hydrobromide (654-2) and anisodamine hydrobromide

4: Application of diuretics: dihydrochloric thiamine, ammonia-based butterfly.

5: Local drug block: 10% procaine 10ML for stellate nerve block.

3. Surgical treatment

Not all patients with Meniere's syndrome can be operated on. Surgery is only available for patients with ineffective medication and incapacity to work. Confined to patients with unilateral disease. Statistics show that only 5% of patients with Meniere's syndrome are treated surgically. It is necessary to subtract patients with heart, brain, liver, lung, spleen and kidney diseases, which can be operated on very little. There are three types of operations: destructive, semi-destructive and conservative.

Surgical treatment, suitable for severe cases: endolymphatic sac decompression, balloon ostomy, labyrinth destruction, vestibular neurotomy. Most patients do not accept destructive and semi-destructive surgery. This article briefly introduces conservative surgery. There are many kinds of conservative operations, including endolymphatic sac incision, balloon decompression, sympathetic neurotomy, chorda tympani neurotomy, endolymphatic subarachnoid shunt, stapes floor fenestration and endolymphatic sac mastoid shunt. Comprehensive analysis, most of them are fenestration decompression. The International Vertigo Academic Association concluded that surgical treatment is not ideal, and short-term fenestration decompression has certain effects.

Treatment of Meniere's Syndrome Based on Syndrome Differentiation

White ginger powder: 60 grams of ginkgo kernel and 12 grams of dried ginger. Usage: Dry the medicine and grind it into powder, and divide it into 8 portions, each of which is 9 grams. After meals every morning and evening, take 1 portion with decocted water of 12 grams of red dates and 20 grams of Astragalus membranaceus. Those who are not weak can also take it with warm boiled water

Correct supplement method should be selected according to drug properties. From the perspective of syndrome differentiation, most of the patients with vertigo are treated according to syndrome differentiation. The occurrence of vertigo is related to human viscera, and kidney yin is insufficient and water does not contain wood; Spleen yang is weak, transportation and transformation are lost; Hyperactivity of liver yang and dizziness of wind; Clear turbidity ascending and descending imbalance, accumulation of damp phlegm will lead to dizziness. This is completely right. Patients with vertigo are all deficiency diseases, and deficiency diseases should be supplemented, which is right. But how? Specific analysis should be made in terms of specific medication. Clinical observation shows that some tonic drugs are taken well, and some tonic drugs worsen vertigo symptoms after taking them, which shows that the choice of drugs is very important. The correct supplement method is to select drugs accurately, and to select drugs according to their medicinal properties.


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