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the treatment of laryngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer how to do, laryngeal cancer medication

the treatment of laryngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer how to do, laryngeal cancer medication

Diagnosis and treatment knowledge of laryngeal cancer

Visiting department: oncology department, otolaryngology department, treatment cost: about (50,000-100,000 yuan) in the top three hospitals in the city. Cure rate: treatment cycle: treatment method: surgery and radiotherapyGeneral treatment of laryngeal cancer

First, Western medicine treatment of laryngeal cancer

Surgical treatment of laryngeal cancer:

1. CO2 laser tumor resection for laryngeal dehiscence is suitable for carcinoma in situ and unilateral laryngeal carcinoma with T1 lesion.

2. Vertical partial laryngectomy is suitable for T1, selective T2 and T3.

3. Partial laryngectomy at horizontal level is suitable for tumors above glottic plane, T2 ~ T3.

4, 3/4 laryngectomy or 7/8 laryngectomy, selective T2, T3.

5. Total laryngectomy is suitable for T3 and T4. When conditions are met, vocal reconstruction can be performed.

6, according to the patient's situation, functional or radical neck dissection.


1. Radiotherapy alone: carcinoma in situ, T2, dose 60 ~ 70Gy.

2. Preoperative radiotherapy: For patients with wide lesions, preoperative radiotherapy is feasible. The preoperative radiotherapy dose of 60C0 is 45 ~ 50Gy within 4 weeks, and surgery is performed within 2 ~ 4 weeks after radiotherapy.

3. Postoperative radiotherapy: Radiotherapy 2 ~ 4 weeks after partial laryngectomy or total laryngectomy.

4. The effect of postoperative radiotherapy is similar to that of preoperative radiotherapy.

5. For carcinoma in situ, skin tearing and postoperative radiotherapy can be performed under self-supporting laryngoscope.

Treatment of laryngeal cancer based on syndrome differentiation

Second, Chinese medicine treatment:

A large number of clinical practices have proved that high-dose radiotherapy and chemotherapy for advanced patients, or chemotherapy for drug-resistant patients can only lead to more critical life and accelerate the death of patients. Clinically, it is often seen that the cause of death of patients is not caused by cancer itself, but by unscientific and inappropriate lethal treatment. Such as liver failure such as ascites and aundice after multiple interventions of liver cancer; Respiratory failure and death caused by chemotherapy of pleural effusion of lung cancer; Gastric cancer, intestinal cancer after chemotherapy nausea, vomiting, patients more failure and death; Leukopenia, infection and death of patients, etc.

Traditional Chinese medicine can make up for the deficiency of surgical treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which can not only consolidate the effect of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but also eliminate the toxic and side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

1. Prescription and folk prescription:

① 30-50g of dried cypress (or 90-120g of fresh cypress) plus 30-60g of lean pork. One dose per day, decocted twice, 15-30 days as a course of treatment, and the dosage can be increased or decreased as appropriate.

Curative effect: One case was treated with this prescription in South China Cancer Hospital of Guangzhou First People's Hospital, and the tumor disappeared after taking half a kilogram of medicine.

② Hedyotis diffusa 62g, dried toad skin 15g, white rutaecarpa 31g, oyster 31g, seaweed 3lg, Sophora tonkinensis 15g, Folium isatidis 3lg, Angelica sinensis 9g, Radix Glehniae 15g (Polygonum cuspidatum 31g, Poplar Haigen 62g, Tengli root 62g, decocted for 3 hours before decocting with the above drugs)

Curative effect: One case was cured by this prescription in Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

2. Folk prescription:

(1) Snow green (also known as throat grass) 120 grams, water decoction instead of tea often drink.

② Walnut kernel, eaten or cooked with barley.

3. Food recipe:

① 1 bitter gourd, 50 grams of adzuki bean, 20 grams of jujube, and proper amount of rock sugar and honey. Preparation method: Wash bitter gourd, take melon pulp, add water to decoct into thick juice, add red bean, boil into soup, and finally add jujube, rock sugar, honey, etc. to taste.

② 15 grams of white Poria cocos, decocted with 300 ml of water, and taken three times.


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