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  4. treatment of early pregnancy reaction, how to do early pregnancy reaction, and medication for early pregnancy reaction

treatment of early pregnancy reaction, how to do early pregnancy reaction, and medication for early pregnancy reaction

treatment of early pregnancy reaction, how to do early pregnancy reaction, and medication for early pregnancy reaction

Diagnosis and treatment knowledge of early pregnancy reaction

Visiting department: Obstetrical treatment cost: about (50-100 yuan) in the top three hospitals in the city; cure rate: treatment cycle: treatment method: drug treatmentGeneral treatment of early pregnancy reaction

First, Western medicine treatment of early pregnancy reaction

1. Mild pregnancy vomiting

Generally, no special treatment is needed. It is only necessary to know whether the patient has ideological concerns about pregnancy, pay attention to his mental state, give more spiritual encouragement, and give digestible food according to the patient's preferences, eat in batches, and avoid high-fat food. In addition, because the smell during cooking is easy to induce and aggravate vomiting, patients should avoid it as much as possible before returning to health.

Vitamin B1, B6C and small doses of sedatives such as Lumina and tribromide mixture have certain effects on general symptoms.

2. Severe vomiting or accompanied by dehydration and ketonuria

All patients need hospitalization. Within 24 hours of hospitalization, fasting should be carried out, and 5 ~ 10% glucose solution and Ringer's solution should be intravenously dripped. The rehydration amount should be 3000ml/24h, but it should be increased or decreased according to the patient's body weight. In addition, it is necessary to determine the dose of electrolyte supplement according to the blood potassium and sodium measured by the laboratory. Anemia is heavier or nutrition is very poor, also can transfusion or intravenous drip essential amino acid 500ml/d, continuous several days, in order to supplement energy.

Serum electrolytes and CO2-CP must be tested regularly during the treatment period to observe the therapeutic effect. Generally, after 24 ~ 48 hours of treatment, the urine volume increases and the symptoms are relieved. During this period, it is very important for medical staff to care, comfort and encourage patients. At the same time, they should gradually start to take a small amount of liquid diet several times, and then gradually stop intravenous rehydration. Generally, it can be obviously improved within 5 ~ 10 days after admission.

When conservative treatment is ineffective in a few cases, adrenocortical hormone, hydrocortisone 200 ~ 300mg and 5% glucose 500ml can be added for slow intravenous drip, which often achieves good results.

3. Those who are still ineffective after active treatment

If there are any of the following circumstances, therapeutic abortion should be given. ① Persistent aundice; ② Proteinuria persists; ③ Polyneuritis and neurological signs; ④ The body temperature continues to be above 38 ℃, and the heart rate is above 110bpm in bed; ⑤ Those with mental symptoms. All the above are indications for therapeutic abortion.

4. Prognosis

Early pregnancy reaction generally ends at the end of three months, but it varies from person to person. Some people still have early pregnancy reaction in four or five months.

Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment of Early Pregnancy Reaction

Second, Chinese medicine treatment

In Chinese medicine, the treatment principle of harmonizing stomach and lowering adverse effects is adopted for patients with obstructive pregnancy.

1. Prescription: Jiangchuanlian 2g, Danwuyu 2 ~ 3g, dried tangerine peel 9g, Fructus Aurantii 6g, Amomum villosum 3g, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi 9g and Jiangzhuru 9g, which can be decocted into 100ml and taken orally for many times, but also have certain effect.


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