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treatment of acute tonsillitis, how to do with acute tonsillitis, and medication for acute tonsillitis

treatment of acute tonsillitis, how to do with acute tonsillitis, and medication for acute tonsillitis

Diagnosis and treatment knowledge of acute tonsillitis

Visiting department: otolaryngology treatment cost: about (300-500 yuan) in the top three hospitals in the city. Cure rate: treatment cycle: treatment method: drug treatmentGeneral treatment of acute tonsillitis

Western medicine treatment of acute tonsillitis

Acute tonsillitis is contagious, so patients should be properly isolated.

Pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, pass stool, and enter liquid food or diet.

This disease is mostly streptococcal infection. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory (penicillin and cephalomycin) are the main treatment principles for acute tonsillitis, and antipyretic and analgesic measures are the main treatment measures for acute tonsillitis.

Compound borax solution or 1: 5000 furacilin solution can be used for gargling locally.

If acute tonsillitis occurs repeatedly, especially if there are complications, tonsillectomy should be performed after the acute inflammation subsides.

Treatment of Acute Tonsillitis Based on Syndrome Differentiation

Treatment of Acute Tonsillitis with Traditional Chinese Medicine

1. Wind-heat invasion

Manifestations: Pharyngeal pain is gradually aggravated, swallowing is inconvenient, pain is aggravated when swallowing or coughing, laryngeal nucleus is red and swollen, and pharynx is bright red. Fever, aversion to cold, headache, stuffy nose, cough and expectoration are also seen. The tongue is red, the fur is thin white or yellowish, and the pulse is floating.

Ready-for-use traditional Chinese medicine:

(1) Lingqiao Jiedu Pill, 9g each time, twice a day, taken with warm boiled water.

② Qingyan tablets, 4 ~ 6 tablets each time, 3 times a day, taken with warm boiled water.

External treatment:

① Blowing medicine: Bingboron powder or Zhuhuang powder is blown locally.

② Taking: Tiedi Pill or Runhou Pill, Houzheng Pill and Liushen Pill to clear away heat and toxic materials, moisten throat and reduce swelling.

2. Evil heat spreads in

Manifestations: Pharyngeal pain is severe, with pain even under ears and jaws, dysphagia, blockage or hoarseness. During examination, the laryngeal nucleus was red and swollen, and there were pus spots on the surface, which could touch the swollen lymph nodes under the mandible. Accompanied by high fever, thirst, cough, thick yellow phlegm, halitosis, constipation and yellow urine. The tongue is red, the fur is yellow, and the pulse is large and numerous.

Ready-for-use traditional Chinese medicine:

① Qingyan Lige Pill, 6g each time, twice a day, taken with warm boiled water.

② Qingyan Runhou Pill, 9g each time, twice a day, taken with warm boiled water.

External treatment:

① Refer to Shanghai Stock Exchange.

② If there are pus spots, it is more necessary to blow medicine. Choose watermelon frost, Bingboron powder, Zhuhuang powder, Xilei powder and Houke Niuhuang powder

Body needle

(1) Main points: Divided into 2 groups. 1. Cheek car, Hegu and Shaoshang; 2. Amygdalus acupoint and inner court. Matching points: Tianzhu and Thenar. Location of almond point: 0.5 inches before and below bilateral mandibular angle. (2) The main points are the main treatment methods, and one group is selected at a time, which can be applied alone or alternately, and points should be added according to the symptoms. Choose 2 ~ 3 acupoints each time. In the first group, only the affected side was taken from the head and face, and the limbs were needled on both sides. In Shaoshang and Thenar, bleeding is pricked with triangular needles, and the remaining points are lifted, inserted and twisted, and the method of strong stimulation and diarrhea is performed. In the second group, both sides should be taken. The needle should be inserted quickly at the almond point, and the needle tip should point to the pharynx, so that the needle feeling can reach the pharynx and feel sore and distended. The inner court uses diarrhea. Needles are retained for 15 ~ 20 minutes, but children may not retain needles. 1 ~ 2 times a day. (3) Evaluation of curative effect A total of 1067 cases were treated, and the total effective rate was between 90% and 100% [1 ~ 3, 15].

Auricular acupuncture

(1) Main points: Divided into 2 groups. 1. Throat and tonsils; 2. Helix 4, 6. Veins of dorsal ear. Matching points: Shaoshang and Shangyang (body points). (2) Choose one group of main points for treatment at a time, and the two groups can be used alone or alternately. If the effect is not good, change the points. In the first group, the tenderness points of the two points were found first, and the needle was inserted, and the strong stimulation was performed by twisting method, and the needle was retained for 30 minutes to 1 hour; Or inject 0.1 ml of water for injection or 10 units of penicillin into each point (skin allergy test must be done first); In the second group, 2 ~ 3 drops of hemorrhage were punctured with triangular needle or filiform needle (children) at the helix 4, 6 and obvious veins of the back of the ear. Less business, business Yang can also prick blood. The above method is once a day. (3) Evaluation of curative effect 626 cases were treated together, and the effective rate was 90.1 ~ 100% [4 ~ 8].

Acupoint injection

(1) Main points: Hegu, Yifeng and Zusanli. Matching points: Quchi, Xingjian, Zhaohai and Dazhui. (2) Treatment liquid: normal saline, vitamin B1 (content 50 mg/ml), Houttuynia cordata injection, any one. The main points are the main points, and the points are changed when the effect is not good. Take 2 ~ 3 points each time (take the affected side of the head and face, and take one or both sides of the limbs), and inject 0.3 ~ 1.0 ml of liquid medicine into each point according to the rich muscles in the acupoint area. The medicine should be pushed under the condition that the injection needle gets gas. Once a day, twice in severe cases. (3) Evaluation of curative effect in 173 cases, except 19 cases were interrupted, all of them were cured, and most of them took effect within 1 ~ 3 times [9, 10].

Lamp moxibustion

(a) the main point selection:Corner grandson. (2) The treatment method first separates the hair at Jiaosun acupoint (affected side) naturally and exposes the skin. Take a wound rushes, immerse one end in cooking oil about 2 cm long, ignite it, and quickly burn the skin of acupoints, which will start at one point. At this time, you can smell the sound of "beep", and the moxibustion part will be reddish. Fire moxibustion at acupoints can be done once, and those who are not satisfied with the effect can do it again the next day. (3) Evaluation of curative effect 316 cases were treated, and the cure rate was 90.1% [11].

Pricking blood

(1) Main point selection: Ashi point. Location of Ashi point: focus area. (2) The treatment requires the patient to take a sitting position, tilt his head slightly backward, and the assistant fixes his head. The operator holds a sterilized triangular needle in his right hand and a tongue depressor in his left hand. The patient opened his mouth and pressed the tongue with a tongue depressor to expose the diseased tonsils. After disinfection, quickly insert the needle and prick it into the tonsils. Prick 2 ~ 4 places on each side with the needle tip (if there is purulent secretion in the tonsils, then prick it into the tonsils), and prick the bleeding, so that the patient can spit out the bloody secretion and cough his mouth. Once a day, twice a course of treatment.


(1) Main point selection: Dazhui. (Two) the treatment tells the patient to sit, bow slightly and expose the acupoint area. After routine disinfection, quickly insert the needle under the skin, and slowly prick it straight. After getting gas, twist and insert it for 1 ~ 2 minutes, and then pull out the needle. Then take orange peel or large ginger slices and green streptomycin bottle cap which are not easy to transfer heat, place them on Dazhui acupoint, put a ball of cotton ball soaked with 95% wine clear on it, button up the glass jar or directly use vacuum cupping device to suck and pull it out, leave the jar for 15 ~ 20 minutes, and remove the jar after deep red or ecchymosis appears locally. 1 ~ 2 times a day, continuous treatment, regardless of the course of treatment. (3) Evaluation of curative effect 400 cases of acute tonsillitis and acute laryngitis were treated with the above methods, and the total effective rate was 98%. After more than the first cupping, patients feel smooth and comfortable in pharynx. Especially in acute stage [13].


guidelines for Treatment of Acute Tonsillitis-Acute Tonsillitis


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