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symptoms of hermaphroditism, early symptoms and signs of hermaphroditism

symptoms of hermaphroditism, early symptoms and signs of hermaphroditism

Hermaphroditic symptoms

Typical symptoms: Physical development and development of secondary sexual characteristics such as beard, armpit hair, pubic hair, breast and voice.

Symptom diagnosis of costal chondritis

I. Symptoms and Signs:

When the patient was born, the genitals were difficult to distinguish between men and women, but they tended to be male. About 3/4 of the children were raised as boys, and the scrotal dysplasia seemed to be labia majora. Most gonads can be felt in groin or scrotum. Patients generally appear female secondary sexual characteristics during development, such as breast hypertrophy, and female pubic hair is distributed like women, which can have menstrual cramps. This is because any true hermaphroditism of karyotype has ovarian tissue. And the structure of ovary is relatively perfect, Therefore, most ovaries with true hermaphroditism can secrete estrogen during development and progesterone when ovulation occurs, so female secondary sexual characteristics can appear. However, most patients with late breast development have uterus and vaginal opening in urogenital sinus, and common uterine development disorders are dysplasia and lack of cervix.

If the gonad is an ovary, it is generally normal under the microscope, while the testicles have no sperm production under the microscope, so patients can have normal ovarian function, and very few patients can even get pregnant. Egg testis is the most common gonad abnormality, about half of which is in the normal ovarian position, and the other half is in the groin or scrotum. The location of egg testis is related to its composition, and the larger the proportion of testicular tissue, the easier it is to enter groin or scrotum. The reproductive tube on one side of ovary is always fallopian tube, while the reproductive tube on the other side of testis is vas deferens. As for the reproductive tube on the other side of egg and testis, it can be both fallopian tube and vas deferens, which is related to the components of ovary and testis tissue, and fallopian tube is more common.

Second, check:

Sex chromatin examination should be done.

III. Diagnosis:

According to clinical manifestations and related examinations, it is not difficult to get a diagnosis.


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