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softening spot examination, softening spot diagnosis

softening spot examination, softening spot diagnosis

Common examination of softening spot

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Kidney sectionKidneyNuclear medicineKidney biopsies...
Urine bacterial cultureKidney--Urine bacterial culture...
Radionuclide renogramKidneyDepartment of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, Department of Renal and Urinary Organ TransplantationRadionuclide kidney...
First, check

1. Urine examination Escherichia coli is the most common microorganism cultured in urine.

2. Severe anemia can be seen in blood test.

3. Histopathological examination showed that softening plaques were mostly confined to mucosa, and their appearance was soft, yellow and slightly raised, and often fused into plaques of 3 ~ 4cm. Microscopically, plaques are formed by tight aggregation of macrophages and occasionally lymphocytes. Macrophages contain abundant, foamy, PAS-positive cytoplasm. In addition, MG corpuscles (i.e., coagulated layers of inorganic substances) are found in macrophages and interstitium. The diameter of MG corpuscles was 4 ~ 10mm, PAS staining was strongly positive, and there were calcium salts in MG corpuscles. Under the electron microscope, it shows a typical crystalline structure with a high-density core at the center, an aperture in the middle and a thin circle around it. There are bacteria and phagocytic lysosomes in macrophages.

4. CT and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) the results of CT and MRI showed that the softening spot showed a very strong high density (105HU) shadow on non-enhanced CT; T1-MRI and T2-MRI showed low density signal, and gadolinium had mild homogeneous enhancement effect after intravenous administration. The above features are different from those of common rectal tumors and inflammatory lesions. In the latter two cases, MRI showsTypical isointensity imaging, but different intensity after gadolinium injection. Whether this observation is applicable to kidney examination remains to be studied.


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