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skin larval migration

Larva migrans-like terminology Beaver et al. Submitted in 1952, at that time major toxocariasis, development time transition, other minor helminthic worms, Sichuan parallel flukes, etc. Main form of worms, parasites, concomitant diseases. Larval migrans Parasitism Cutaneous larvae larvae migrans ... | # | The term larva migrans was first submitted by Beaver et al. In 1952 and was mainly toxocariasis at that time. Over time, it was discovered that several other worms, such as maxillary nematodes and Sichuan co-breeding larvae, also parasitize the human body with larvae as the main form and cause disease. Larval migrans are classified as cutaneous larva migrans ... | # | The term larva migrans was first put forward by Beaver et al. In 1952. At that time, it mainly refers to toxocariasis. With the passage of time, It was found that other worms, such as jaw nematodes and Paragonimus sichuan, also parasitized human body in the form of larvae and caused diseases. primera vez por Beaver et al. En 1952, en ese momento se refería principalmente a la toxocitosis, and with the passage of time other worms were found, such as jaw nematodes, and they were also found in Sichuan. Larval transitional disease can be divided into skin larvae.

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