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sebaceous gland cyst treatment method, sebaceous gland cyst how to do, sebaceous gland cyst medication

sebaceous gland cyst treatment method, sebaceous gland cyst how to do, sebaceous gland cyst medication

Knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of sebaceous cyst

Visiting department: dermatology treatment cost: about (500-2000 yuan) in the top three hospitals in the city. Cure rate: treatment cycle: treatment method: surgical treatment and drug treatmentGeneral treatment of sebaceous gland cyst

Surgery is the only treatment for sebaceous cyst. During the operation, a fusiform skin incision can be designed along the dermatoglyphic direction in the skin connected with the cyst, especially when the catheter opening is seen, and the cyst can be removed together. Special care should be taken when separating. The capsule wall is very thin and should be removed as completely as possible. If the cyst wall remains, it is easy to recur. If there are inflammatory manifestations such as redness, heat and pain before operation, the inflammation should be controlled first, and then the operation should be arranged later.

(a) Treatment

Generally, there is no need for treatment. Seek treatment in case of secondary infection or lesion.

1. Antibiotics can be used for secondary infection leaving the country; If there is abscess formation, incision and drainage should be done.

2. Lesions can be surgically removed.

(1) During the operation, a fusiform incision should be made at the skin part adhered to the cyst and its catheter opening, and the cyst should be removed together, and the direction should be anterograde to the dermatoglyphic direction. If it has been complicated with infection, when adhesion occurs in the surrounding tissues, the cyst should be completely removed during operation. The cyst wall is thin and easily broken, so it is best to remove it completely, otherwise the cyst wall tissue will remain, which will easily lead to cyst recurrence.

(2) Endoscopic surgery to remove subcutaneous cyst can avoid scar of surgical incision, which is a new surgical method with the development of science and technology in recent years.

(B) Prognosis

A few sebum cysts can become cancerous, most of them become basal cell carcinoma, and a few become squamous cell carcinoma.

Treatment of Sebaceous Gland Cyst Based on Syndrome Differentiation

1. Traditional Chinese medicine therapy:

1) If it is less than 0.5 cm, use a fire needle, do not hurt the deep normal tissues, squeeze it if it can be squeezed out, but do not squeeze it hard. After 2 days, it can be squeezed out slightly, and it can be coated with iodine and alcohol to remove iodine. If you don't heal once, you can treat it twice.

2) If it is larger than 0.5 cm, use a miniature reverse needle-picking knife, disinfect it routinely, pierce it after local anesthesia, pick up the skin 0.2-0.3 cm, rub it with a little force, and squeeze out the contents as much as possible, but do not squeeze it hard


examination and diagnosis of sebaceous cyst


how to prevent sebaceous cyst and nursing measures of sebaceous cyst

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