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rice farmers dermatitis diet, dietotherapy, rice farmers dermatitis eat what is good

Rice farmers should avoid dermatitis diet

Appropriate diet: 1. Eat high protein and nutritious foods 2. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals 3. Eat high calorie and digestible foods

Appropriate foodReasons for eatingFood advice
FruitIt is rich in immunoglobulin, which can improve the immune function of mucosa and body, thus promoting the dissipation of inflammation.500 ml for direct consumption. Hot drinks are preferred, try not to drink on an empty stomach
MilkEasy to digest, rich in nutrients, cheap and good essential nutritional food for human body, milk and eggs are called nutritional double wallsIt is better to eat hot drinks in the morning and evening
Lean meatRich in high-quality protein and essential vitamins, it belongs to high-calorie foodEat it every day, stir-fry or cook it, and avoid eating too much
Dietary taboos: 1. Avoid eating greasy and indigestible foods 2. Avoid eating fried, smoked, barbecued, cold and stimulating foods 3. Avoid eating high-salt and high-fat foods
Avoid eating foodReasons for avoiding eatingAvoid eating advice
FishGreasy hair can aggravate the condition of this diseaseEat as little as possible
Sesame pepperIt is pungent and irritating, which can increase the permeability of vascular mucosa, thus increasing the risk of bacterial infection.It is advisable to eat condiments without spicy irritation
Dietary principles of rice farmers with dermatitis

Attention should be paid to controlling the amount of fat in diet, which should not be too much, otherwise the symptoms will be aggravated, and the total amount of dietary fat supplied every day should be about 50 grams. High protein diet can be properly given, because protein is conducive to maintaining normal skin keratinization metabolism and normal smooth hair follicles. You should also pay attention to eating less sweets, because a diet with more sugar can promote the production of more fat after fat heterogenesis.

It is worth noting that you should eat foods rich in vitamins. Experts from Conley put forward that you should eat more foods with vitamin A, such as pork liver, carrots and egg yolk, in order to correct abnormal sebum keratinization of hair follicles and prevent hair follicles from blocking. Some people have studied that zinc deficiency can also produce seborrheic dermatitis. Foods with high zinc content, such as animal liver, lean meat, poultry and nuts, should be supplemented in diet to correct the relative shortage of zinc content in human body. It is very important to avoid high iodine diet, because high iodine diet can keratinize or block hair follicles, so it is necessary to control the intake of seafood such as kelp and laver.

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