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rhinitis examination, rhinitis diagnosis

rhinitis examination, rhinitis diagnosis

Common examination of rhinitis

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Anterior nasal speculumNoseDepartment of OtolaryngologyAnterior nasal speculum for nose...
Nasal examinationNoseDepartment of OtolaryngologyFor those with nasal problems...
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Nasal examinationNose--For nasal diseases...
Intranasal provocation testNoseOtolaryngology LaboratoryIntranasal provocation test...
1. Anterior nasal endoscopy

This examination method mainly judges the type of rhinitis by observing the color and shape of nasal mucosa, the nature and existing position of secretion. In the early stage of acute rhinitis, the mucosa is bright red and congested, with mucous secretion. The mucosa of chronic rhinitis is dark red, the front end of inferior turbinate is sometimes mulberry-shaped, and the secretion is mucous and purulent. Allergic rhinitis mucosa is pale and edema, or pale blue, and secretion is watery and clear. The mucosa of atrophic rhinitis is atrophic, dry, covered with pus scab, the turbinate is reduced, and the nasal cavity is wide.

2. X-ray nasolacrimal duct angiography

This examination is mainly to determine whether there is sinus infection in nasal cavity

3. Examination of nasal secretions

Allergic rhinitis has eosinophilic leukocytes or mast cell increase; Acute rhinitis has a large number of neutrophils. If allergic skin test is done, allergic rhinitis is positive; Acute rhinitis is negative.


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