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pulmonary mucormycosis diet, diet, what to eat for pulmonary mucormycosis

pulmonary mucormycosis diet, diet, what to eat for pulmonary mucormycosis

Pulmonary mucormycosis diet should be avoided

Appropriate diet: 1. The diet should be light; 2. It is advisable to eat more fruits and vegetables; 3. It is advisable to have a high-protein and high-vitamin diet.

Recommended foods and reasons for eating
Peanuts Peanuts are rich in selenium. Selenium has the effects of promoting metabolism, strengthening immunity and improving resistance, and can promote the recovery of pulmonary mucor. 30-50 grams per day.
The quercetin in the hawthorn hawthorn has the effects of expanding the trachea, promoting the movement of the tracheal cilia, excreting phlegm and relieving asthma. Suitable for pulmonary mucormycosis, pour clean fresh hawthorn into boiled water, boil it on low heat, stop the fire, add sugar and let it cool before eating.
Douchi Douchi contains bacteria that can produce a large amount of B vitamins and help the human body resist the invasion of external pathogenic factors. Suitable for pulmonary mucormycosis. (1) Wash and cut the dace, add salt and cooking wine, and marinate for 10 minutes; (2) Then deep-fry until golden brown; (3) Finally, spread the tempeh on the fish, add soy sauce and sugar, and cook on a low fire.
Diet taboo: 1. Avoid spicy food; 2. Avoid greasy food; 3. Avoid high-fat food; 4. Avoid raw and cold food.
Food avoidance reasons why avoid eating recommendations
The fatty meat of small pepper is greasy, which tends to cause turbid phlegm to grow inward, the internal and external evil qi beats, the glue is solid and sticky, so that the expectoration is not smooth, and the cough is difficult to heal. Will cause pulmonary mucor disease to be aggravated. It is better to eat less animal oil.
Chili pepper is easy to injure the lung qi, drain the heart and yin, make the heart and lung qi and yin loss, thereby aggravating symptoms such as wheezing and coughing. Pulmonary mucormycosis is not taken. It is better to eat less mustard, green onions, ginger, and hot sauce.
Peppermint is cool in nature, sweet and pungent in taste, and the pungent energy diverges, which injures the lung qi. Will affect the recovery of pulmonary mucor.
Try to avoid eating.Pulmonary Mucormycosis Diet Principles

1. Suitable food

It is advisable to eat light and hygienic food, with a reasonable diet.

(The above information is for reference only, please consult your doctor for details.)


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