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how to prevent bee stings and nursing measures of bee stings

how to prevent bee stings and nursing measures of bee stings

Prevention of bee sting

First, the treatment of bee stings:

When being stung by bees, in order to relieve pain and avoid poisoning, the hard thorn can be taken out at the wound site first. If the wound is in the limbs, You can tie it tightly above the wound with a rope, Prevent venom from flowing elsewhere along the blood flow, and then squeeze the venom out of the wound with hands or other instruments. After some blood flows out, loosen the rope, smear the wound with strong soapy water or alkaline water, or wash the wound with ammonia water or baking soda water, so that the acidic venom can be neutralized by alkaline liquid, so that the symptoms of the wound can be slightly alleviated. Once stung by tiger bees, scorpions or other poisonous insects, it is safe and correct to use this method for emergency treatment before sending to hospital for treatment.

Second, the treatment of serious bee stings

Those with systemic symptoms should be treated differently according to their illness. Symptomatic treatment or infusion for patients with mild symptoms, intravenous injection of 10% calcium gluconate, or oral snake medicine; Allergy reflects that adrenocorticoid and antihistamine should be used quickly; Hemoglobinuria, the application of alkaline drugs alkaline liquid medicine, and appropriate fluid infusion to increase urine volume, and can use 20% mannitol to diuresis; Such as oliguria or anuria, the treatment of acute renal failure, shock to actively rescue; Antibacterial drugs should be added to those infected with group peak stings or wounds.


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