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how to prevent rhinitis and nursing measures of rhinitis

how to prevent rhinitis and nursing measures of rhinitis

Prevention of rhinitis

Prevention of rhinitis

Rhinitis prevention methods, pay attention to the following points in life:

1. Eat less hot products such as spicy, spicy, fried and fried. Such as pepper, ginger, fried dough sticks, baked wheat cake, biscuits, fast food noodles, etc. At the same time, seafood, frozen fish, squid, shrimp and other aral sea products are easy to stimulate inflammation, so it is best not to eat such foods.

2. Diversify your diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits with more vitamins. Such as apples, fresh vegetables, spinach, carrots, etc.

3. At ordinary times, hot compress with hot water or local heating with hair dryer can be used to improve local blood circulation to achieve the purpose of treatment.

4. Keep a cheerful mood, don't always think about annoying things, and live every day happily.

5. Work well in daily life, pay attention to rest, and don't stay up all night surfing the Internet.

6. Actively exercise. The simplest and most effective exercise method is to insist on running in the morning to enhance the body's disease resistance.

7. Prevent colds, which often lead to recurrence of allergic rhinitis. For this reason, if you suffer from external induction, you should treat it as soon as possible.

8. Pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water and increase nutrition during illness.

9. Avoid contact with cold patients, especially hands.

10. Keeping good personal hygiene habits can reduce the spread of rhinovirus cold.


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