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how to prevent pinkeye and nursing measures of pinkeye

how to prevent pinkeye and nursing measures of pinkeye

Prevention of pinkeye

Prevention of pinkeye

Pink eye is called acute catarrhal conjunctivitis in medicine, and its transmission route is mainly through contact infection. Often through contact with patients' eye secretions or objects stained with tears (such as towels, handkerchiefs, washbasins, water, etc.), shaking hands with pinkeye patients or rubbing their eyes with dirty hands, etc., they will be infected, eventually causing the epidemic of pinkeye. In summer and autumn, because of the hot weather, bacteria are easy to grow and reproduce, which is very easy to cause a pandemic. Now that we know the main transmission route of pinkeye, we can completely prevent and prevent the epidemic.

(1) If pinkeye is found, it should be isolated in time. All utensils should be used alone, and it is best to wash and dry before use.

(2) Pay attention to hand hygiene. To develop a good habit of washing hands frequently, don't rub your eyes with dirty hands, and cut your nails frequently.

(3) When suffering from pinkeye, in addition to active treatment, less activities should be carried out in public places, and shared towels and washbasins should not be used.

Some people think that a red-eye patient will get pinkeye, which is not scientifically justified. At present, only through direct or indirect contact can he get sick. The symptoms of pinkeye are: conjunctival congestion in one eye or both eyes, and a large number of mucous purulent secretions, but generally do not affect vision. If not treated in time, some will turn into chronic conjunctivitis.


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