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porphyria examination, porphyria diagnosis

porphyria examination, porphyria diagnosis

Common examination of porphyria

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Porphyria examination

The symptoms of porphyria are similar to those of other diseases. Some laboratory tests are sensitive and specific for the diagnosis of porphyria, and the experimental results are obviously abnormal when the disease occurs. When porphyria is suspected, it is necessary to select appropriate laboratory examination items to provide specific diagnostic information. It is best to rely on a few sensitive and specific tests for screening. In most cases, the screening test for acute porphyria is only to detect ALA and PBG in urine. Watson-Schwartz test is a qualitative test, which has been widely used to detect excessive PBG in urine. A more popular method for rapid detection of urinary PBG is the use of reagent kits, commonly used in ion-exchange resin plastic cartridges. Mauzerall and Granick quantitative assays were used to confirm the positive results of PBG and ALA screening tests. Hematoporphyrin should be detected when skin porphyria is suspected. Erythrocyte enzyme determination is a second-line test, which is not usually done, but only when the related screening test is abnormal. Determination of porphyrins in urine, feces and erythrocytes is also a second-line test, which is not suitable for screening test because of its lack of specificity (if otherwise, they may be abnormal).

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the causes of abdominal pain in porphyria are mostly related to qi stagnation in the early stage, and further develop by qi and blood, which can cause severe abdominal pain by bleeding and blood stasis, and appear deficiency of qi and blood in the later stage due to qi and blood consumption.


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