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periodontal disease treatment, periodontal disease how to do, periodontal disease medication

periodontal disease treatment, periodontal disease how to do, periodontal disease medication

Knowledge of periodontal disease diagnosis and treatment

Visiting department: stomatology treatment cost: about (100-500 yuan) in the top three hospitals in the city. Cure rate: treatment cycle: treatment method: drug treatment and surgical treatmentGeneral treatment of periodontal disease

1. Remove local adverse stimulating factors, remove dental calculus and plaque, and actively treat systemic diseases.

2. Gingival flap turnover is feasible for severe periodontitis, and hyperplastic gingival resection is feasible for hypergingival hyperplasia.

3. Antibiotic treatment.

4. Guide patients to establish good oral hygiene and health care.

The problem of medication treatment for periodontal disease is mainly aimed at controlling the development of inflammation and improving symptoms by using effective antibiotics during acute inflammation. After inflammation is controlled, the more important treatment is to carry out local treatment, such as thoroughly removing tartar, tartar or removing bad restorations, which can treat both symptoms and root causes. If it is caused by systemic diseases, it should be treated with drugs from relevant specialties.

Treatment of Periodontal Disease Based on Syndrome Differentiation

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment:

Periodontal disease is the most common disease in oral cavity, and the prevalence rate of periodontal disease is as high as 90% in adults. Periodontal disease causes great pain, damages health and affects the quality of life. Modern medicine has proved that after suffering from periodontal disease, gums are inflamed, bleeding, pain and halitosis in mild cases, and periodontal tissues in severe cases are destroyed, which separates teeth from gums, resulting in loose and displaced teeth, weak teeth, weak chewing and even falling off. Moreover, many diseases can be induced, such as rheumatism, depression, heart disease and blood diseases. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease deserves attention. B, Chinese medicine believes that according to the syndrome differentiation of viscera, teeth belong to the category of kidney. "Su Wen Yin and Yang should be like a big theory" says: "Kidney produces bone marrow... it is bone in body, kidney in viscera", and "teeth are bone". "Su Wen Liu Jie Zang Xiang Lun" says: 'Kidney is the main potential, the foundation of sealing and hiding, and the essence is also the essence. "Kidney stores essence" is the main physiological function of kidney. "Su Wen: Ancient Innocence Theory" says: "Kidney is the main water, which is hidden by the essence of the five zang-organs and six fu-organs. Kidney stores essence, refines into qi, and disperses the whole body through triple energizer. Therefore, the main physiological function of kidney qi is to promote the growth, development and reproduction of the body, and to regulate the metabolism, immunity and physiological functions of the human body.

The growth state of teeth, bones and hair of the body is the external manifestation of observing the essence in the kidney, and it is the objective sign of judging the growth and development status, aging degree and disease of the body. Periodontal disease is difficult to heal, and the root of tooth loosening lies in kidney deficiency and pulp deficiency. Long-term accumulation leads to failure of periodontal immune defense line, gingival atrophy and bone loss. Therefore, the relationship between teeth and kidneys is very close. The health and morbidity of teeth reflect the health and morbidity of kidneys. Therefore, according to TCM syndrome differentiation, periodontal disease should be treated from kidney.

Gingival inflammation, bleeding, redness, heat, pain and halitosis; They are all caused by kidney yin deficiency, external invasion of heat and toxin, or both. "If you don't honor, it will hurt, and if you don't pass, it will hurt. Therefore, the treatment should focus on tonifying kidney yin, and also use wild chrysanthemum and peony bark to clear away heat and toxic materials, and combine Spatholobus Caulis and Salvia miltiorrhiza to promote blood circulation and enrich blood. Loose and displaced teeth, weak teeth, weak chewing, gingival separation and even shedding are all signs of kidney essence deficiency. Kidney stores essence, main bone produces marrow, teeth are bone, kidney essence is full, then bone is strong and teeth are firm; If kidney essence is deficient, bones will be withered and teeth will be loose, so teeth will be loose, weak, weak and even fall off. Treatment should be based on tonifying kidney and adding essence, and medicinal Radix Rehmanniae Preparata, Placentae Hominis, Rhizoma Drynariae, Lycium barbarum and so on. By tonifying kidney and marrow, promoting blood circulation and detoxifying, it can dredge periodontal microcirculation, enhance immunity, increase bone density (promote tooth calcification), restore physiological functions of periodontal tissue and alveolar bone, and finally achieve the purpose of fixing teeth and protecting gums.

To sum up, TCM syndrome differentiation of periodontal disease belongs to the category of kidney deficiency, which is treated by tonifying kidney and fixing teeth, promoting blood circulation and detoxifying.


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