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old people bronchiectasis diet, dietotherapy, old people bronchiectasis eat what is good

old people bronchiectasis diet, dietotherapy, old people bronchiectasis eat what is good

The diet of bronchiectasis in the elderly should be avoided

Appropriate diet: 1. Eat food that moistens lung, eliminates phlegm and relieves cough; 2 It is advisable to eat antibacterial and anti-inflammatory food; 3 It is advisable to eat food to enhance immunity.

Appropriate foodReasons for eatingFood advice
SydneySydney has the effects of moistening lung, eliminating phlegm and relieving cough, and has the function of maintaining lung, bronchus and throat. Eating Sydney can alleviate the symptoms of chronic cough and expectoration, and help improve the quality of life of patients.200-260 grams per day is advisable
LemonLemon has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, which can prevent invasive infection of inflammation in patients with bronchiectasis and help patients recover.It is advisable to soak in water and drink 350-500 ml every day.
MilkMilk is rich in high-quality protein and essential mineral elements, which can promote the absorption of nutrients by intestinal tract, enhance human immunity, improve disease resistance and benefit the recovery of patients.350-500 ml per day is advisable.
Dietary taboos: 1 Avoid eating food that excites nerves; Avoid eating pickled food; Such as salted eggs, bacon and salted fish; 3 Avoid eating spicy food; Such as pepper, pepper, pepper and ginger.
Avoid eating foodReasons for avoiding eatingAvoid eating advice
Strong teaStrong tea contains caffeine, which can stimulate sympathetic nerves, easily lead to the elderly can't sleep at night, lead to insomnia, etc., which is not conducive to the rest of patients.It is advisable to eat food that soothes the nerves and helps sleep.
Salted fishSalted eggs contain high salt content, which can easily lead to thirst, dry and itchy throat and aggravate cough.It is advisable to eat low-salt food.
PepperPepper is irritating, which easily stimulates bronchial and lung tissues to secrete bradykinin and histamine, and easily aggravates cough and expectoration, causing fever and other discomfort symptoms.Eat light food that is easy to digest and absorb.
Dietary principles of bronchiectasis in the elderly

Bronchiectasis diet for the elderly

Pay attention to light and digestible food in diet, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits properly. In particular, it is recommended to eat more ginkgo, lily, white radish, lotus root slices and other foods. At the same time, pay attention to avoid eating spicy and irritating food, smoking and drinking, and drinking strong tea.


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