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oral cancer treatment guide-oral cancer

oral cancer treatment guide-oral cancer
The compass for oral cancer treatment answers the questions that often occur when oral cancer patients go to the hospital, for example, what department number does oral cancer hang? Precautions before oral cancer examination? What do doctors usually ask? What tests should oral cancer do? What do you think of the examination results of oral cancer? Wait. The purpose of oral cancer treatment guidelines is to facilitate oral cancer patients to seek medical treatment and solve the doubts of oral cancer patients when they seek medical treatment.
Typical symptom
Toothache, difficulty in opening mouth
Suggested visiting department
Oncology, stomatology
Best visit time
When there are lumps and nodules,
Duration of visit
Regular review is reserved for 1 day
Frequency of follow-up visit/diagnosis and treatment cycle
1-3 months
Preparation before seeing a doctor
Wash your mouth at home, and don't eat food on the way to keep your mouth clean
Common consultation contents
1. Describe the reason for seeing a doctor (when did you start and what's wrong?)
2. Have you been to the hospital, have you done those examinations, and what are the examination results?
Key inspection items
1. CT examination
The fibrous septum of the tongue shows a low density plane on CT, which divides the tongue into two halves. Its displacement or disappearance may indicate that the tongue tumor is benign or malignant. If its disappearance is accompanied by the deformation and disappearance of the contralateral tongue muscle, it may indicate that the tongue cancer has invaded the contralateral side. The operator should consider total tongue resection.
2. Cytology and biopsy
Exfoliative cytology is suitable for superficial asymptomatic precancerous lesions or early squamous cell carcinoma with unclear lesion range
3. Detection of tumor markers
Abnormal results of general marker antigen content increased, clinical manifestations of malignant and benign tumors or the existence of cancer. The results were positive, showing hepatobiliary cell carcinoma, gastric cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer and so on. It is of great significance to menopausal women and men.
Diagnostic criteria
Diagnosis can be made according to etiology, clinical manifestations and laboratory examination. The final diagnosis was based on pathological diagnosis.


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