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open neck injury diet, diet, what to eat for open neck injury

open neck injury diet, diet, what to eat for open neck injury

The diet should be avoided for open neck injury

Appropriate diet: 1 should eat foods that promote wound healing; 2 should eat antibacterial and anti-inflammatory foods; 3 should eat foods that enhance immunity.

Recommended foods and reasons for eating
Aloe aloin A, trauma hormone and glycan peptide mannose have the function of promoting wound healing and healing, softening the skin and maintaining the functions of cell viability. The combination of curdlan and callic acid also has the activity of healing wounds. 100-200 grams per day is appropriate.
Lemon lemon is rich in vitamin C, like a natural antibiotic, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, can prevent infection and help recovery. It is advisable to soak in water and drink 300-500ml every day.
Milk Milk is rich in a large number of high-quality protein nutrients and a variety of mineral elements necessary for the human body. It has the effect of enhancing human immunity and improving disease resistance. 300-500 ml per day is appropriate, hot drinks are better.
Dietary taboos: 1. Avoid eating foods that are easy to get angry; such as pancakes, fried dough sticks, potato chips; 2. Avoid eating spicy foods; such as peppers, peppers, and raw garlic; 3. Avoid eating preserved foods; such as fermented bean curd, salted eggs , Salted fish.
Food avoidance reasons why avoid eating recommendations
Big fat fritters are deep-fried foods, which are easy to get angry, lead to a decline in human immunity, and affect the recovery of patients. It is advisable to eat light food.
Zanthoxylum bungeanum is an irritating food. It is easy to stimulate and cause intestinal edema and congestion, which affects the absorption of nutrients and is not conducive to the recovery of patients. It is advisable to eat light food.
Salted egg Salted egg is a salted food. It contains a lot of salt, which can easily cause water and sodium storage, leading to lower limb edema, aggravating the pain caused by testicular damage, and not conducive to recovery.
It is advisable to eat low-salt foods.Principles of diet for open neck injury

Open neck injury diet health care

1. For open neck injuries, it is advisable to eat light and nutritious liquid and semi-liquid foods. Eating foods rich in high protein is beneficial to the recovery of wounds. Supplement a variety of vitamins, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat a variety of lean meat, milk, eggs and other protein-rich foods.

2. Foods that are best not to eat for an open neck injury diet; avoid smoking and alcohol. Avoid spicy and irritating foods, such as onions, garlic, ginger, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, etc., and avoid fatty foods.

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