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onchocerciasis examination, diagnosis of onchocerciasis

onchocerciasis examination, diagnosis of onchocerciasis

Common examinations for onchocerciasis

Inspection Name Inspection Site Inspection Department Inspection Function
Ophthalmoscopy eye ophthalmic surgical and health care ophthalmoscopy ...
Parasite blood test blood vessel blood internal medicine department of health care parasite blood test...
Urine Parasite Examination Other Kidney Health Department Urine Parasite Examination...
Urine macroscopic examination Nephrology examination department Urine macroscopic examination...
1. Clinical symptom examination: The diagnosis can be made through the symptoms of eye lesions, subcutaneous nodules, skin rashes, etc. of patients in epidemic areas.

2. In vivo detection: draw fluid from the tumor or take a skin sample to make a slice, and observe the active microfilaria under a microscope. Urine and blood can also be used for microscopic examination to find microfilaria. Slit lamp and ophthalmoscope can directly detect the microfilaria in the anterior chamber of the eye.

3. Immunodiagnosis: immunofluorescence antibody test and enzyme-linked immunosorbent test have strong specificity and can be used for epidemiological investigation and diagnosis. The radioimmunoassay uses IgM monoclonal antibodies to detect patient sera, and the positive rate is relatively high. The sensitivity and specificity of immunodiagnosis need to be improved.

4. Mazzotti test method: give Hai Qunsheng to patients in endemic areas, and those who feel itchy on their body within 24 hours are positive.


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