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nursing of Pulmonary Ascariasis-Precautions for Nursing-Diet Taboo

nursing of Pulmonary Ascariasis-Precautions for Nursing-Diet Taboo

General care for pulmonary ascariasis

Pulmonary Ascariasis Care

Usually pay attention to dietary hygiene, and drink milk powder and bovine colostrum to enhance immunity, because bovine colostrum is to supplement the baby’s immunity. The most important ingredient in it is immunoglobulin (IGG), which can interact with microorganisms and Toxins and other anti-plateaus combine to form antibodies, and at the same time promote the development and maturity of the immune system of the newborn babies of mammals and protect them from the invasion of the diseased plateaus. However, it is recommended that it is best to supplement children's colostrum for children, such as Life Sunshine Colostrum. 1. Breast milk is the best diet for babies. Experts suggest that babies should only be fed breast milk for the first six months after birth. After that, while adding complementary foods, continue to feed breast milk until they are one year old. No matter how much the mother's milk is, as long as it is breast milk. 2. Vitamins and minerals Vitamins and minerals are indispensable for the healthy growth of babies, but apart from vitamin D and vitamin K, our body does not produce other nutrients, so other nutrients must be ingested from food. 3. Exercise is indispensable. Exercise can enhance physical fitness, increase appetite, and help rest. These are the keys to improving immune function. It is worth noting that the baby should be exercised properly, and the intensity should not be too high. It is enough to make sure to spend at least half an hour every day. 4. Sufficient rest. Sufficient rest can prepare the baby's body to deal with any problems that may occur. At the same time, the body can rejuvenate through rest, thereby reducing the burden on the immune system. 5. Immunization to help babies resist diseases. 6. Supplement immune substances.


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