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nursing of glaucoma-nursing precautions-dietary taboos

nursing of glaucoma-nursing precautions-dietary taboos

General nursing care of glaucoma

Nursing care of glaucoma

Incidence/surgical consequences

Patients know that once they suffer from glaucoma, they are blind, and they don't know that the serious consequences caused by glaucoma are not limited to this. Here, several common complications and sequelae are briefly described:

1. Optic atrophy

The most common and serious complication of glaucoma is simply decreased vision, reduced visual field and blindness, which is the inevitable outcome of every glaucoma.

2. Angioneurotic headache, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

In fact, it is also the manifestation of glaucoma, but their manifestations cover up eye symptoms and are misdiagnosed as the above lesions. If they are not diagnosed and treated correctly in time, their lives are in danger.

3. Cataract

It is closely related to glaucoma, which can be complicated with cataract, and cataract can be secondary to glaucoma in the process of onset.

4. Retinal detachment

This is the most common complication after glaucoma surgery. After surgery, the intraocular pressure drops sharply, and the retinal detachment is caused by the loss of support to the retina, which is characterized by sudden visual field defect or total blindness.

5. Inflammatory infection

If the inflammation is not effectively controlled after operation, which leads to intraocular infection, the operation fails in mild cases, and the eyeball needs to be removed in severe cases with secondary uveitis to prevent the inflammation from spreading all over the body.

6. Malignant glaucoma

After operation, the intraocular pressure rises sharply, and the pain can only be relieved by enucleation of the eyeball. (Reference: Malignant glaucoma among the most common special glaucoma in clinic).

Surgical trauma: The intraocular structure is very fine, which can be damaged if it is careless, and it is not easy to be found, which is also one of the important reasons for the failure of glaucoma surgery


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