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nursing of dental caries-nursing precautions-dietary taboos

nursing of dental caries-nursing precautions-dietary taboos

General nursing care of dental caries

Dental caries care

Prevention of dental caries is a very important child health care work, and its basic principle is to adopt corresponding measures according to the pathogenic factors.

1. Reduce or eliminate pathogenic irritants

Reducing or eliminating plaque, changing oral environment and creating clean conditions are important links to prevent caries. The most practical and effective methods are brushing teeth and gargling. We should strengthen publicity and education, so that children can develop oral hygiene habits and learn reasonable brushing methods from an early age. Brushing your teeth can remove most bacteria in your mouth and reduce plaque formation. Children can be scrubbed with soft towels or flannelette by their parents. Children can learn to brush their teeth after the age of 3. Try to brush it once in the morning and once in the evening, and rinse your mouth after meals. Brushing your teeth before saliva is more important, because the interval between nights is long, and bacteria easily multiply. Brush smoothly, that is, "brush the upper teeth from top to bottom, brush the lower teeth from bottom to top", "brush them inside and out", and pay attention to brushing the bite surface of the back teeth. In this way, you can scrub the food residue between your teeth and on each tooth surface, and rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. Don't brush horizontally, it is easy to damage gums and brush the residue between teeth.

We should pay attention to children's eating habits, increase various complementary foods on time, and eat more coarse, hard and fiber-containing foods, which can rub and clean the tooth surface and reduce the accumulation of food scraps. Hard food needs to be chewed fully, which not only strengthens periodontal tissue, but also rubs teeth, which may make pit and fissure shallow and help reduce pit and fissure caries.

2. Reduce or control sugar in your diet

China is a country where cereals are the staple food, so it is difficult to control carbohydrates in diet to prevent caries. However, in recent years, sugar-made foods and various beverages have increased significantly. Attention should be paid to publicity so that parents can educate their children to develop the habit of eating less snacks and sweets and cakes, not eating sugar before going to bed, and paying attention to the quality of children's meals. From early childhood, we should eat more vegetables, fruits and foods containing calcium, phosphorus and vitamins. Eat coarse grains as much as possible. Pay attention to breastfeeding babies. Recently, it is advocated internationally to control carbohydrates in diet and use sugar substitute to reduce dental caries, which is impractical and uneconomical in China at present. Recently, it has been reported that some sugar substitutes (aspartame) commonly used in the United States are toxic, which has attracted international attention.

3. Enhance the caries resistance of teeth

Fluorination is mainly used to increase the fluoride in teeth, especially to change the enamel surface or surface structure, so as to enhance its caries resistance. In modern times, it is considered that the methods with better effect are: central water fluoridation, school water fluoridation, topical fluoridation on teeth, fluoridetoothbrushing with fluoride toothpaste, fluoride mouthwash and so on.


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