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nursing care of ovarian infertility-nursing precautions-dietary taboos

nursing care of ovarian infertility-nursing precautions-dietary taboos

General nursing care of ovarian infertility

Nursing care of ovarian infertility

According to relevant statistics, a normal couple of childbearing age, in the case of normal husband and wife life without taking any contraceptive measures, about 60%-70% of women are pregnant within 3 months; About 75%-80% of women are pregnant within 6 months; The pregnancy rate within 12 months is over 85%. There are also statistics that 60% of people are pregnant within one year; 80% of them became pregnant within 2 years. About 90% in 3 years. From the statistical results, the pregnancy rate is the highest within one year after marriage. Therefore, some people advocate that the time of infertility should be set as one year.

The time standard of infertility has not been unified. According to the situation in China, the year of infertility is limited to 2 years, which can avoid drawing conclusions too early and not delay the diagnosis and treatment time. However, those who get married late (such as those over 30 years old) should be examined in advance, problems should be found as early as possible, and timely treatment should be carried out.

Two-thirds of the causes of infertility lie in the woman, and tubal obstruction has always been the main reason. However, since the universal attention to prevention of infection and the advent of broad-spectrum antibiotics, obstetrical and gynecological inflammation causing tubal obstruction has been greatly reduced; On the other hand, the understanding and examination technology of endocrine diseases are constantly progressing, and the diagnostic rate of infertility caused by ovarian insufficiency is improved, so ovarian infertility also occupies an important position.

Infertility will have pressure from all aspects, and affect the regulation of endocrine, which must be handled correctly. In particular, the adjustment of feelings between husband and wife and the mastery of scientific methods are particularly important.


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