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nursing care of elderly thyroid cancer-nursing precautions-diet taboo

nursing care of elderly thyroid cancer-nursing precautions-diet taboo

General care of thyroid cancer in the elderly

Elderly Thyroid Cancer Care

1. Preoperative care

(1) Psychological care: do a good job of comforting and explaining patients and their families, caring for and considerate patients, and satisfying their reasonable needs, so that the patients will be in a good psychological state to welcome the operation.

(2) Patients with symptoms of tracheal compression should adopt a semi-recumbent position, rest quietly, and keep the airway unobstructed. Prepare a tracheostomy kit, endotracheal tube, aspirator, oxygen and other first aid supplies at the bedside.

(3) When symptoms such as sudden local swelling, extreme difficulty in breathing, rapid pulse, etc. occur, cancer swelling and necrosis should be considered to cause blood pressure to squeeze the trachea. It is necessary to notify the doctor in time and prepare for treatment immediately.

(4) For those who need radiotherapy or chemotherapy before surgery, follow the routine radiotherapy and chemotherapy care.

2. Postoperative care

(1) After the patient is awake, take the semi-recumbent position to facilitate breathing and drainage.

(2) Place ice cubes on the neck to prevent bleeding from the incision.

(3) Keep the airway unobstructed: those undergoing tracheotomy or tracheal intubation should promptly suck out airway sputum and blood, and prevent the deep part of the lumen from being blocked by sputum or blood clots: properly fix the trachea to prevent prolapse; find subcutaneous emphysema, Report to the doctor in time; strengthen lung physiotherapy.

(4) After radical resection of thyroid cancer, care should be taken to maintain smooth drainage to prevent skin flap necrosis; observe and record the properties and amount of the drainage fluid regularly. If the drainage fluid is found to be milky white, it indicates that there may be chyle leakage, and the doctor should be notified in time for treatment.

(5) Patients undergoing postoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy should receive routine nursing care.

(6) If vomiting occurs after surgery, it should be cleaned up in time to prevent pollutants from contaminating the wound and dressing.

(7) Pay attention to maintaining the horizontal position of the neck to avoid excessive backward or forward bending, which will affect normal healing.


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