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nursing care of chlorpromazine poisoning-nursing precautions-dietary taboos

nursing care of chlorpromazine poisoning-nursing precautions-dietary taboos

General nursing care of chlorpromazine poisoning

I. Nursing:

1. The focus of nursing is to maintain respiratory, circulatory and renal functions and prevent secondary infection. Coma patients should be nursed according to coma routine, observe the changes of vital signs, record them in detail, find abnormal manifestations, and cooperate with doctors in time. If the body temperature rises, it can indicate secondary infection, respiratory rhythm and frequency changes, and may indicate brain edema or electrolyte disorder and acid-base imbalance after poisoning; Changes of heart rate and blood pressure indicate abnormal effective circulation capacity or cardiac function.

2. Strengthening basic nursing is especially important for patients with coma and respiratory and circulatory failure. Coma patients can't eat through the mouth and lose the ability of oral self-cleaning. Therefore, keeping respiratory tract unobstructed and doing oral nursing well can reduce complications.

3. At the same time, skin care should be done well to prevent bedsore, so as not to increase pain for patients. Patients with coma and convulsion should pay attention to protection to prevent falling into bed. All coma patients had better put indwelling catheter, which is convenient for poison discharge, and can also observe urine characteristics and urine volume in time, and record them accurately, which is beneficial for medical staff to know the patient's access. If there are oliguria, urinary obstruction, aundice, hepatoma and other liver and kidney function impairment, take blood to test liver and kidney function in time.

4. For poisoned patients whose consciousness gradually recovers, we should do a good job in ideological work, give medication guidance, encourage patients to stimulate the courage to survive and the confidence to recover as soon as possible, and do a good job in family members, so as to cooperate with the smooth progress of medical care in the rescue period and recovery period and strive to obtain satisfactory curative effect.


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