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nursing care of cervical infertility-nursing precautions-dietary taboos

nursing care of cervical infertility-nursing precautions-dietary taboos

General nursing care of cervical infertility

Nursing care of cervical infertility

1. Don't go to beauty salons frequently. In order to pursue the effect of "quick whitening", many beauty salons add a large amount of estrogen to self-made so-called "natural" facial masks and other products, which will reduce the toughness of uterine wall and become weak.

2. Don't be too alarming in the number of sexual partners. After a man's mucus enters a woman's body, the cervix will have certain adaptability, but when there are too many kinds of mucus, the cervix will lose adaptability and there will be inflammation if you are not careful.

3. Deep-sea fish such as saury and tuna contain a large amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, which can inhibit the secretion of prostaglandins in women. The less prostaglandin secretion, the less risk of endometriosis after the age of 35.

4. Swimming is the most effective way to exercise uterus. As long as you swim for two hours every week, your contraction strength can be increased by more than 10%. Enhanced contraction strength can not only relieve dysmenorrhea, slow down backache before and after menstruation, but also make your future delivery much easier.

5. If you take long-acting contraceptives continuously for more than 8 years, hormones in women will be "passivated", causing endocrine disorders and increasing the risk of uterine fibroids. Therefore, you should not take the same contraceptive for more than 8 years. Experts suggest that changing contraceptive methods once a year can better protect endometrium.

6. Separate your knees naturally, kneel comfortably on the bed, straighten your waist, bend forward to keep your chest and face as close to the bed as possible, and keep it for 5 minutes. Then lie flat on the bed, do abdominal and hip lifting exercises, keep them in the air for as long as possible, and feel the uterus shrink with the body. Doing uterine gymnastics three times a week for two months can relieve dysmenorrhea symptoms.

7. Most of the bacteria that induce uterine inflammation come from the dirt on male foreskin. Therefore, before making out, urge your boyfriend to do personal hygiene and clean his private parts well.

8. When fighting back internal urgency, the residue in urine is easy to deposit in the bladder, causing urinary tract infection. Women's urethra and vagina are very close, and urinary tract infection can easily spread to reproductive system, causing inflammation. When the bladder swells when fighting back internal urgency, it will also cause a certain degree of oppression on the uterus.

9. Long-term smoking will increase the risk of uterine suffering by 15 times.

10. Being too thin and lacking sufficient fat protection, the uterus is easy to descend from the normal position along the vagina, resulting in uterine prolapse. In severe cases, the cervix will be infected and even suffer from cervicitis.


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