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normal value of testosterone, normal value of testosterone

Problem Description 1: Testosterone normal, normal testosterone supplement: normal testosterone, testosterone normal

answer: adult male blood testosterone to normal: 14 ~ 25.4nmolL, the foundation stage of the domestic use of the International System of Units (nmolL ), but some testing institutions still use the old unit system (ngdL), the conversion unit of testosterone is: 1ngdL=3.47nmoiL. Similarly, the normal values ​​given above are for reference only, because each unit's instrument detection is different, and the detected value is slightly unusual. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the normal value category provided on the hospital outpatient inspection sheet for selection and judgment. .

Problem Description 2: six male hormone testosterone supplement normal: six male hormone testosterone normal

answer: analysis based on your symptoms. Currently, the six hormone tests are performed. If the testosterone is too high, it may also cause uneasy pregnancy. Therefore, you are advised to go to the hospital for outpatient examination of B-ultrasound follicle monitoring. If the follicles can grow to normal and be discharged, then no If it is affected too much, if it is affected, it needs to be injected with drugs to promote the development of follicles. Is your menstrual cycle regular? .

Problem Description 3: normal testosterone supplement: normal testosterone

Answer: According to what you said phenomenon, usually female testosterone normal value in 0.7-3.1, if the same is attributable to androgen, testosterone is too high if the female body , Will cause the appearance of male secondary sexual characteristics. His abnormality is related to a variety of factors. It will cause male symptoms such as female dysplasia and hairy polycystic ovary syndrome. If the concentration of the same solute is too low, it will cause the first Unhealthy development of sex signs suggests that your testosterone abnormalities need to be further tested to clarify the cause, and to choose useful treatments for improvement, and to get rid of bad lifestyle habits.

Problem description 4: What is the normal value of testosterone. Supplementary explanation: What is the normal value of testosterone.

Answer: Testosterone is also called testosterone, which is a steroid hormone, also called steroid hormone. The main testosterone in men is excreted by the ovaries of women. There is also a little excretion in the cortex of the adrenal glands, and its effect is to maintain the strength and quality of the muscles, as well as to maintain the bone density and strength, and have the effects of refreshing and improving physical fitness.


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