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meningeal Metastasis Introduction-Symptoms-Treatment-Nursing-Diet

meningeal Metastasis Introduction-Symptoms-Treatment-Nursing-Diet

Introduction to Meningeal Metastases

Dural metastasis refers to neuroblastoma, a common malignant tumor in children, with a high degree of malignancy and early metastasis, but intracranial metastasis is relatively rare, especially those with dural metastasis. The case report is as follows. [HS2] case report  Case 1 male, 9 years old. Left eyeball had progressive protrusion 20 days, which had nothing to do with body position, normal vision, no headache and fever. CT showed the left orbital lateral wall, sphenoid crest, The fusiform soft tissue mass under the inner plate of the right temporal fossa and the skull at the top of the right temporal, uniform density, CT value 51-55 HU, the inner edge is smoothed and thin line-like dura is seen, and some have shallow lobes, and the lesions are obviously and evenly strengthened after enhancement 77~84 HU, and there is a thickened dura mater on its inner edge. The inner rim of the mass is clear and partly fuzzy. The mass is about 30cm x 30cm x 25cm to 10cm x 10cm x 7cm in size. The inner skull is worm-eaten. Osteolytic, brush-like bone destruction, and a small bone defect in the left forehead, the outer rectus muscle is compressed and moved inward, and the bone penetration is confirmed to be a neuroblastoma.  Nodular dural metastasis is a kind of A rare type of meningeal metastasis of malignant tumors. Because it is different from typical meningeal metastases, it only appears as a mass connected to the broad base of the dura mater on CT or MRI. It lacks a background of extensive meningeal thickening and enhancement. It is easy to diagnose by imaging. Misdiagnosed as a common tumor outside the brain-meningioma. The author reported 3 cases of nodular dural metastases confirmed by surgical pathology or follow-up.


Basic knowledge of meningeal metastases

  • Whether it belongs to medical insurance: No
  • Incidence site: brain
  • Infectious: non-infectious
  • Frequent population: children
  • Related symptoms: Tumor alopecia, tumor body, hard lobe hemorrhage, tumor cell infiltration, tumor mass compression
  • Concurrent disease: Infant digital toe fibromatosis muscle tumor cerebrovascular tumor teratoma cysticercosis


symptoms of meningeal metastases, early symptoms and signs of meningeal metastases

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