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laryngeal cancer examination, laryngeal cancer diagnosis

laryngeal cancer examination, laryngeal cancer diagnosis

Common examination of laryngeal cancer

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Examination of laryngeal cancer

1. Neck examination:

Including observation and palpation of laryngeal shape and cervical lymph nodes. Palpation of cervical lymph nodes should be carried out according to the distribution law of cervical lymph nodes, from top to bottom, from front to back, and gradually check to find out the location and size of swollen stranguria to collect knots.

2. Laryngoscopy:

Indirect laryngoscope is a commonly used method in clinic. Only when indirect laryngoscope is not satisfactory or pathological examination is difficult, direct laryngoscope and fiberoptic light guide microscope can be used to further understand the tumor invasion in larynx, and tissues can be taken in time for suspicious diseases and sent for pathological examination.

3. Imaging examination:

(1) X-ray examination:

X-ray laryngeal lateral film and laryngeal frontal tomography can determine the general position, size, shape, cartilage, trachea or anterior soft tissue changes of cervical spine. If necessary, laryngography is feasible.

(2) CT and MR examination:

It is helpful to determine the growth range of tumor in larynx, whether there is external invasion or not, and the metastasis of cervical lymph nodes, especially for advanced patients.

(3) Ultrasonic tomography:

It is used for detection, location and relationship with surrounding tissues of enlarged lymph nodes in neck and follow-up examination after postoperative radiotherapyOne way. It has the advantages of no damage, convenience, accuracy, low cost and repeated operation.


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