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introduction to Leprosy Keratopathy-Symptoms-Treatment-Care-Diet

introduction to Leprosy Keratopathy-Symptoms-Treatment-Care-Diet

Brief introduction of leprosy keratopathy

Leprosy is a very chronic and low-infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprosy. It mainly involves skin and peripheral nerves, and in severe cases, it can cause facial damage and limb disability. The disease is widespread, mainly distributed in Southeast Asia. Leprosy not only invades skin and peripheral nerves to cause leprosy nodules, but also invades various organs and tissues in the body, and the eye is also the most frequently involved organ. 25% of patients can cause leprosy keratitis. Patients not only lose the feeling of touch, but also lose their eyesight, which is an irreversible double tragedy and brings great pain to patients and their families. The World Health Organization (WHO) put forward a grand plan to eliminate leprosy in the world at the end of the 20th century. Although it has made remarkable achievements, leprosy is still an important public health problem. According to the recent statistics of China Leprosy Association, the remaining cases in China are less than 70,000. At present, the incidence has been greatly reduced. With the decrease of leprosy patients, Better early diagnosis methods are needed, the treatment of leprosy and leprosy reaction is still far from ideal, and the effect of leprosy vaccine for high-risk groups remains to be evaluated. Because the Chinese government attaches great importance to the prevention and control of leprosy, the planned goal of eliminating leprosy has been basically achieved by the end of the 20th century. Except for a few patients left behind in the western and remote mountainous areas, there are basically no new cases of infection in China.


Basic knowledge of leprosy keratopathy

  • Whether it belongs to medical insurance: No
  • Incidence site: the whole body of eyes
  • Infectious: contagious
  • Multiple populations: All populations
  • Related symptoms: corneal opacity, red tears, visual impairment and trichiasis
  • Complicated disease: keratopathy


symptoms of leprosy keratopathy, early symptoms and signs of leprosy keratopathy

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