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introduction to dermatitis blastomyces-symptoms-treatment-care-diet

introduction to dermatitis blastomyces-symptoms-treatment-care-diet

Brief introduction of dermatitis blastomyces

Blastomycosis dermatitidis, also known as North American blastomycosis, is a chronic suppurative and granulomatous lesion of lung, skin and bone caused by Blastomycosis dermatitidis. The disease is mainly endemic in North America, and a few are sporadic in Britain and Mexico, but the patients have lived in the United States or been exposed to the contaminants of this bacterium in the past. In China, in 1989, Wu Shaoxi and others found a case of Chinese Americans suffering from skin infection, and in 1999, Guo Runshen and others reported this disease as a local infection. This disease usually occurs in men aged 40 ~ 60 years. Spores are swallowed by macrophages after entering alveoli, causing inflammatory reaction including polymorphonuclear leukocyte infiltration, and then forming granuloma, which can be manifested as suppurative or suppurative granulomatous lesions. The clinical manifestations are primary pulmonary dermatitis blastomycosis, cutaneous dermatitis blastomycosis and disseminated dermatitis blastomycosis. Combined with fungal examination and lung examination, it helps to make a definite diagnosis. Amphotericin B is an effective drug for the treatment of blastomycosis.


Basic knowledge of dermatitis blastomyces

  • Whether it belongs to medical insurance: No
  • Alias: North American blastomycosis, dermatitis blastomycosis, blastomycosis dermatitis
  • Location: Skin
  • Infectious: non-contagious
  • Multiple populations: All populations
  • Related symptoms: skin granuloma dry liporrhea
  • Complicated diseases: brain abscess, meningitis and prostatitis


symptoms of dermatitis blastomyces, early symptoms and signs of dermatitis blastomyces

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