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 hipoplasia testicular azoospermia? -medicinephone 
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hipoplasia testicular azoospermia?

Problem description: Testicular hypoplasia azoospermia? Supplementary note: testicular hypoplasia azoospermia?

Answer: If the testis is congenitally underdeveloped, it is generally not easy to recover. Sperm is produced by the testis, and the testis itself is underdeveloped, so the sperm is not produced well. In this case, you need to go to a regular male hospital for examination and treatment. , you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and increase the intake of vitamin C and other ingredients to improve the body’s anti-inflammatory ability. Usually pay attention to maintain a good mood, diet and daily life should be regular, especially to avoid alcohol, moderate exercise, and enhance physical fitness. Always pay attention to hygiene.


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hipoplasia testicular azoospermia?

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