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is hepatitis B infected with saliva?

Question description: Does hepatitis B have saliva infection? Supplementary explanation: Does hepatitis B have saliva infection?

Answer: The transmission route of liver disease Hepatitis B includes blood transmission, sexual transmission, and vertical mother-to-child transmission. The most risky route of transmission of hepatitis B virus in liver disease is through human body fluids and blood. Eat with patients with liver disease and hepatitis B.

Answer: Unless the patient puts the virus-laden saliva on food.

Answer: You eat it in your mouth.

Answer: So you again just suffering from mouth ulcers

answer: so these viruses has happened ulcer

answer: you probably only bacterial infections liver disease hepatitis B virus, hepatitis B patients with liver disease, and so do not have to live with surprising

answer: patients should be careful not to share toothbrushes and

answer: razor can Things that cause the risk of transmission of body fluids and blood will do.


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