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guidelines for Treatment of Chronic Cervicitis-Chronic Cervicitis

guidelines for Treatment of Chronic Cervicitis-Chronic Cervicitis
Chronic cervicitis treatment compass to chronic cervicitis patients to the hospital often appear questions to answer, for example: Chronic cervicitis hanging what department number? Precautions before examination of chronic cervicitis? What do doctors usually ask? What examination should chronic cervicitis do? What do you think of the examination results of chronic cervicitis? Wait. Chronic cervicitis treatment guide aims to facilitate patients with chronic cervicitis to seek medical treatment and solve the doubts of patients with chronic cervicitis.
Typical symptom
Itching and nausea
Suggested visiting department
Best visit time
When leucorrhea increases,
Duration of visit
Operation for half a day and reexamination for half a day
Frequency of follow-up visit/diagnosis and treatment cycle
7-10 days
Preparation before seeing a doctor
Wash your genitals at home, empty your urine before seeing a doctor, and know the date of your last menstruation
Common consultation contents
1. Describe the reason for seeing a doctor (when did you start and what's wrong?)
2. Is the feeling of discomfort caused by obvious factors?
3. Are there any accompanying symptoms such as increased vaginal secretions?
4. Is there a history of unclean sexual intercourse?
5. Have you been to the hospital, have you done those examinations, and what are the examination results?
6. How is the treatment?
7. Is there any history of drug allergy?
8. Ask about the history of marriage and childbearing
9. Menstruation: Menstrual cycle, last menstrual time, menstrual volume, dysmenorrhea, etc.
Key inspection items
1. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
Secretion examination, pathogen culture and bacterial sensitivity test to drugs, cervical smear for lymphocyte classification.
2. Gynecological ultrasound examination
Colposcopy localization biopsy.
Diagnostic criteria
Visual examination by speculum shows that there are tubes secreting purulent mucoid leucorrhea in cervix. Chronic cervicitis can have cervical hypertrophy, cervical polyp, cervical gland cyst and cervicitis in clinic.


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