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guidelines for Periodontal Disease-Periodontal Disease

guidelines for Periodontal Disease-Periodontal Disease
Periodontal disease treatment compass to periodontal disease patients to the hospital often appear to answer questions, for example: periodontal disease hanging what department number? Precautions before periodontal disease examination? What do doctors usually ask? What examinations should periodontal disease do? What do you think of the results of periodontal disease examination? Wait. The purpose of periodontal disease treatment guide is to facilitate periodontal disease patients to seek medical treatment and solve the doubts of periodontal disease patients.
Typical symptom
Department of Stomatology Periodontal Department of Stomatology
Suggested visiting department
Department of Stomatology
Best visit time
Red and swollen posterior molar pad gingival bleeding
Duration of visit
1 day
Frequency of follow-up visit/diagnosis and treatment cycle
1-2 months
Preparation before seeing a doctor
Wash your mouth at home, and don't eat food on the way to keep your mouth clean
Common consultation contents
1. Describe the reason for seeing a doctor (when did you start and what's wrong?)
2. Have you been to the hospital, have you done those examinations, and what are the examination results?
3. Is the feeling of discomfort caused by obvious factors?
4. How is the treatment?
5. Is there any history of drug allergy?
Key inspection items
1. Routine blood tests
Compare with normal value
2. X-ray examination.
Check whether the teeth are in normal position
Diagnostic criteria
It can be diagnosed by oral examination. 1. Gingival redness, tenderness or gingival recession, bleeding when brushing teeth or eating. 2. Periodontal pocket formation and pus overflow. 3. Teeth are loose and displaced. 4. Alveolar bone was absorbed, its height decreased, and trabeculae decreased or disappeared.


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