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guidelines for Early Pregnancy Reaction-Early Pregnancy Reaction

guidelines for Early Pregnancy Reaction-Early Pregnancy Reaction
The compass for early pregnancy reaction answers the questions that often occur when patients with early pregnancy reaction go to the hospital, for example, what department number does early pregnancy reaction hang? Precautions before early pregnancy reaction examination? What do doctors usually ask? What tests should I do for early pregnancy reaction? What do you think of the results of early pregnancy reaction examination? Wait. The purpose of the guidelines for early pregnancy reaction is to facilitate the patients with early pregnancy reaction to seek medical treatment and solve the doubts of the patients with early pregnancy reaction.
Typical symptom
Nausea and vomiting nausea
Suggested visiting department
Best visit time
5, 6 weeks
Duration of visit
1 day
Frequency of follow-up visit/diagnosis and treatment cycle
7-14 days
Preparation before seeing a doctor
No special requirements, pay attention to rest.
Common consultation contents
1. Describe the reason for seeing a doctor (when did you start and what's wrong?)
2. Have you been to the hospital, have you done those examinations, and what are the examination results?
3. Ask about the history of marriage and childbearing
4. Menstruation: Menstrual cycle, last menstrual time, menstrual volume, dysmenorrhea, etc.
Key inspection items
1. Blood
Check blood routine and hematocrit to help understand whether there is blood concentration. If conditions permit, whole blood viscosity and plasma viscosity can be checked, carbon dioxide binding force or blood gas analysis can be used to understand blood pH, alkali reserve and acid-base balance, and serum bilirubin, liver and kidney function should also be measured.
Step 2 Urine
Calculate urine volume, measure urine specific gravity and ketone body every day, and make urine trigall test.
3. Electrocardiogram examination
This examination can't be ignored, which can help to find out whether there is hypokalemia or hyperkalemia and myocardial condition in time.
Diagnostic criteria
According to the medical history, clinical manifestations and gynecological examination, the diagnosis of early pregnancy can be made clear by HCG determination. If the symptoms are serious and there are ketone bodies in urine, it can be diagnosed as hyperemesis gravidarum.


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