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fusarium disease examination, Fusarium disease diagnosis

Common Examination of Fusarium Disease

Check nameInspection siteInspection departmentCheck function
Fungal cultureWhole bodyDepartment of Dermatology and Health CareFungal culture examination...
Skin smear microscopySkinSpecial needs ward of skin care departmentSkin smear microscopy...
1. Direct microscopic examination of dander, pus, nail debris, corneal ulcer scrapes, living tissues and cadaveric tissue specimens, etc., showed branched and separated hyphae under microscope, which was similar to the microscopic characteristics of Aspergillus.

2. The fungi were cultured on sand castle medium, and the aerial hyphae were abundant. Microscopically, the morphology of large and small conidia is diverse.

Histopathological examination: As with direct microscopic examination, branched and separated hyphae can be seen.

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