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why is the face hot after the sour peel?

Description of the problem: Supplementary explanation for why the face is hot after fruit acid peeling. Supplementary explanation: Why is the face hot after fruit acid peeling.

Answer: Leading opinion: most of them are caused by allergies. Can use antihistamines, allergy response media blockers, calcium agents and other treatments.

Answer: It is recommended that you maintain moisture.

Answer: Prevent allergies caused by vaporization of skin solvents. Answer: Use sensitive series of skin care products.

Answer: Special sensitive essences.

Answer: Add fibrous tissue to the skin.

Answer: Improve weak skin; choose cosmetics that do not contain strong fragrance and alcohol; usually make some nutritional masks.

Answer: ziq such as cucumber juice mask, loofah juice mask, egg white honey mask Wait for the

answer: to gradually improve the skin condition.

Answer: get the skin toned.


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