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examination and diagnosis of vulvovaginal infertility

examination and diagnosis of vulvovaginal infertility

Common examination of vulvovaginal infertility

Check nameInspection siteInspection departmentCheck function
Self-examination of female sexual developmentBreast vulvaDepartment of Endocrinology and Gynecology Health CareFemale sexual development from...
Post-coital testUterusDepartment of Gynecological Laboratory Andrology Reproductive Health CareThe pct reflects the whole body...
Routine vaginal gynecological examinationVaginaDepartment of Gynecological Health CareVaginal gynecology routine...
ColposcopyVaginaGynecologyColposcopy is...
Routine gynecological examination of vulvaVulva--Gynecology of vulva often...
Routine gynecological examinationFemale reproductionDepartment of Gynecological Health CareRoutine gynecological examination...
Examination of vulvovaginal infertility

1. Basic inspection

The basic examination includes the investigation of the patient's medical history, physical examination and related gynecological examination to help understand the patient's condition.

2. Measure the level of sex mediating hormone

In order to understand the endocrine and physiological functions of patients, the levels of sex mediating hormones including follicle-forming hormone, luteinizing hormone, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, prolactin, adrenocorticotropic hormone, urine 17-ketone and related enzymes were measured.

3. Karyotype analysis

Chromosome karyotype analysis mainly uses PCR technology to detect chromosome DNA genes of patients, which helps to check the etiology.

4. Imaging examination

Imaging examination can help to know whether there is deformity in the genitals of patients in pelvic cavity. X-ray urography, ultrasound images, CT and MRI scanning images can be used in this examination.

5. Laparoscopic or exploratory laparotomy

Laparoscopic or exploratory laparotomy can help diagnose hermaphroditism.

STEP 6 Biologic Examination

Biological examination includes vaginal trichomonas examination and candida examination, which can help to know whether patients are caused by vaginal infertility due to gynecological infection.


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