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examination and diagnosis of protoalgae disease

examination and diagnosis of protoalgae disease

Common examination of protoalgae disease

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Bacteriological examinationWhole bodyDepartment of Skin CareBacteriological test for...
Blood smearBlood vesselFirst aid in health departmentMicroscopic blood smear...
Cell histochemical stainingBlood vesselRheumatismCytohistochemistry...
Examination of pathogenic bacteria: Specimens can be skin damage, pus, exudate, living tissues, etc.

Histopathology: Hyperkeratosis of epidermis, mild edema of spinous layer, infiltration of inflammatory cells, mainly dermoid cells and lymphocytes, around superficial dermis, blood vessels and skin appendages. Spores scattered in superficial dermis with a diameter of about 4 ~ 10 μ m, wall thickness and endophytic spores in different numbers were observed by PAS staining.

In animal test, about 1 × 106 CFU/ml bacterial suspension was injected into abdominal cavity of mice or testis of guinea pigs, rabbits and mice, 0.5 ml in abdominal cavity and 0.03 ml in testis, which could cause local damage. The results of pathogenic bacteria examination are the same as above.


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