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examination and diagnosis of pregnancy complicated with syphilis

examination and diagnosis of pregnancy complicated with syphilis

Common examination of pregnancy complicated with syphilis

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Qualitative test of syphilisBlood vesselSTD DepartmentSyphilis qualitative test...
Syphilis serum testBlood vesselSpecial needs ward of infectious diseases departmentSyphilis serum test...
Chemical examination of cerebrospinal fluidPsychologyBrain surgeryThe chemistry of cerebrospinal fluid...
Examination of pregnancy complicated with syphilis

1. Pathogen testing

That is, dark field microscopy. Hard chancre of primary syphilis can take a little serum exudate or lymph puncture fluid, put it on a glass slide, drop it with normal saline and observe it under a dark field microscope, and judge it according to the strong refraction and movement mode of spirochete, which can make a definite diagnosis.

2. Serological examination of syphilis

Serum test of non-Treponema pallidum antigen is a routine screening method for syphilis

These include the Venereal Disease Research Laboratory Test (VDRL), the Serum Unheated Reagin Slide Test (USR), and the Rapid Plasma Reagin Ring Card Test (RPR). If VDRL, LJSR and RPR are positive, confirmation test should be done. This kind of examination is mainly to detect the existence of anticardiac antibody (reagin) in patients, which is easy to operate, and the titer can reflect the disease progression. It is used for general survey and premarital examination, with high sensitivity and low specificity.

② Treponema treponema antigen serum test

Fluorescent Treponema pallidum antibody absorption test (FTA-ABS) and Treponema pallidum hemagglutination test (TPHA) are commonly used to determine serum specific antibodies. In recent years, PCR technology has been used to detect spirochetes in amniotic fluid to diagnose congenital syphilis.【小于】 /p>③ Cerebrospinal fluid examination:

Lymphocytes ≥ 10 × 106/L, protein > 50mg/dL VDRL positive for neurosyphilis.


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